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Gurusamy I. Modern Scala Projects: Leverage the power of Scala for building data-driven and high-performant projects

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Gurusamy I. Modern Scala Projects: Leverage the power of Scala for building data-driven and high-performant projects
Packt Publishing, 2018. — 334 p. — ISBN 1788624114.
Develop robust, Scala-powered projects with the help of machine learning libraries such as SparkML to harvest meaningful insight
Key Features
Gain hands-on experience in building data science projects with Scala
Exploit powerful functionalities of machine learning libraries
Use machine learning algorithms and decision tree models for enterprise apps
Book Description
Scala, together with the Spark Framework, forms a rich and powerful data processing ecosystem. Modern Scala Projects is a journey into the depths of this ecosystem. The machine learning (ML) projects presented in this book enable you to create practical, robust data analytics solutions, with an emphasis on automating data workflows with the Spark ML pipeline API. This book showcases or carefully cherry-picks from Scala™s functional libraries and other constructs to help readers roll out their own scalable data processing frameworks. The projects in this book enable data practitioners across all industries gain insights into data that will help organizations have strategic and competitive advantage.
Modern Scala Projects focuses on the application of supervisory learning ML techniques that classify data and make predictions. You'll begin with working on a project to predict a class of flower by implementing a simple machine learning model. Next, you'll create a cancer diagnosis classification pipeline, followed by projects delving into stock price prediction, spam filtering, fraud detection, and a recommendation engine.
By the end of this book, you will be able to build efficient data science projects that fulfil your software requirements.
What you will learn
Create pipelines to extract data or analytics and visualizations
Automate your process pipeline with jobs that are reproducible
Extract intelligent data efficiently from large, disparate datasets
Automate the extraction, transformation, and loading of data
Develop tools that collate, model, and analyze data
Maintain the integrity of data as data flows become more complex
Develop tools that predict outcomes based on pattern discovery
Build really fast and accurate machine-learning models in Scala
Who this book is for
Modern Scala Projects is for Scala developers who would like to gain some hands-on experience with some interesting real-world projects. Prior programming experience with Scala is necessary.
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