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Lack D. Population Studies of Birds

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Lack D. Population Studies of Birds
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1968. — 343 p.
This book is a sequel to The Natural Regulation of Animal Number's (1954) and is a critical assessment of the ideas there put forward in the light of the longterm studies of bird populations carried out since it was written. The book is therefore concerned with such problems as breeding seasons, clutch-size, age of maturity, density-dependent mortality and territory, in relation to the current and widely conflicting views of various modern workers on how animal numbers are determined in nature. A diversity of species is discussed, including tits, thrushes, fly-catchers, the Quelea, owls, grouse, the White Stork, penguins and shearwaters, and although the examples are restricted to birds, the conclusions reached should, if correct, apply to the populations of other animals, and hence be of value to ecologists in general.
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