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California Birds 1970 Volume 01 №01

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California Birds 1970 Volume 01 №01
Quarterly Journal of California Field Ornithologists. — San Diego, CA: Trade Printing Company, Inc., 1970. — 42 p.
This, the first issue of California Birds, marks the inauguration of a publication which hopefully will earn a place among the major ornithological journals. It will have, however, a rather different approach than most of those journals in that it will be devoted almost exclusively to field ornithology.
Although the emphasis (particularly in the first and last of the above subject areas) will be on articles relating to California, the intent is that each issue will contain sufficient material of general interest to be of value to ornithologists everywhere. Therefore any article based upon or pertaining to field studies of birds will be considered for publication if it is of general interest or if it deals with birds in the state of California, adjacent areas, or the northeastern Pacific Ocean.
One of the functions of California Birds will be the publication of properly authenticated field observations of birds found in California which are significantly outside their normal range. The time has long since passed (if it ever existed) when it was feasible to validate all noteworthy observations with a collected specimen. Yet, for field observations to be of value there must be some system whereby serious students can ascertain which of the multitudinous observations are acceptable beyond any reasonable doubt. Photographs serve to document many observations and are certainly of immense value whenever obtainable. In some cases specimens will still be required; however, the only possible documentation for the majority of field observations is a detailed description taken at the time of the observation. A Rare Bird Committee will be established to review significant observations documented by photographs and/or detailed description. Only those reports accepted unanimously by the Committee will be published in California Birds. The methods of operation of the Rare Bird Committee described below are very similar to those employed by Rare Bird Committees in Great Britain and in Belgium.
California Birds is published by California Field Ornithologists, a new society whose objectives are: to provide a medium for publication of the results of countless hours of field study by California’s large and ever-growing army of amateur and professional observers, and to upgrade the standards of these observers through the communication afforded by this publication. Membership in California Field Ornithologists is open to everyone. All classes of members are entitled to receive California Birds.
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