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Bertoin J., Martinelli F., Peres Y. Lectures on Probability Theory and Statistics

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Bertoin J., Martinelli F., Peres Y. Lectures on Probability Theory and Statistics
Springer, 1999. — 296 p.
Bertoin, J.: Subordinators: Examples and Applications:
Foreword.- Elements on subordinators.- Regenerative property.- Asymptotic behaviour of last passage times.- Rates of growth of local time.- Geometric properties of regenerative sets.- Burgers equation with Brownian initial velocity.- Random covering.- Lévy processes.- Occupation times of a linear Brownian motion.-
Martinelli, F.: Lectures on Glauber Dynamics for Discrete Spin Models: Introduction.- Gibbs Measures of Lattice Spin Models.- The Glauber Dynamics.- One Phase Region.- Boundary Phase Transitions.- Phase Coexistence.- Glauber Dynamics for the Dilute Ising Model.-
Peres, Yu.: Probability on Trees: An Introductory Climb: Preface. - Basic Definitions and a Few Highlights.- Galton-Watson Trees.- General percolation on a connected graph.- The first-Moment method.- Quasi-independent Percolation.- The second Moment Method.- Electrical Networks.- Infinite Networks.- The Method of Random Paths.- Transience of Percolation Clusters.- Subperiodic Trees.- The Random Walks RW (lambda) .- Capacity.-.Intersection-Equivalence.- Reconstruction for the Ising Model on a Tree,- Unpredictable Paths in Z and EIT in Z3.- Tree-Indexed Processes.- Recurrence for Tree-Indexed Markov Chains.- Dynamical Pecsolation.- Stochastic Domination Between Trees.
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