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Barrie N.D. Cosmological Implications of Quantum Anomalies

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Barrie N.D. Cosmological Implications of Quantum Anomalies
Springer, 2018. — 149 p. — (Springer Theses). — ISBN 3319947141.
The successes of the standard models of particle physics and cosmology are many, but have proven incapable of explaining all the phenomena that we observe. This book investigates the potentially important role of quantum physics, particularly quantum anomalies, in various aspects of modern cosmology, such as inflation, the dynamical generation of the visible and dark matter in the universe, and gravitational waves. By doing so, the authors demonstrate that exploring the links between cosmology and particle physics is key to helping solve the mysteries of our Universe.
Table of contents
Scale Invariant Inflation
An Asymmetric Universe from Inflation
Baryogenesis During Reheating via the Ratchet Mechanism
Gravitational Waves and the Cosmic Neutrino Background
Concluding Remarks and Outlook
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