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Nahm Sheena, Rinker Hughes Cortney (eds.) Applied anthropology: unexpected spaces, topics, and methods

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Nahm Sheena, Rinker Hughes Cortney (eds.) Applied anthropology: unexpected spaces, topics, and methods
New York: Routledge, 2016. — 193 p.
This collection brings together recent innovative work in applied and practicing anthropology. Organised around the theme of unexpectedness, it examines some of the novel spaces, topics, and methods that anthropologists are involved with. The volume emphasises non-traditional settings and demonstrates the important role of anthropology in addressing some of the pressing issues facing society today. The contributors offer detailed ethnographic examples from their own research and work that give students valuable insight and advice. Drawn mainly from the United States, the case studies illustrate the diverse arenas in which anthropologists operate, from law and finance to education and health care. Simultaneous consideration is given to practical applications, theoretical reflections, and professional experiences.
Introduction: What Is Unexpected Anthropology?
Otherworldly Anthropology: Past, Present, and Future Contributions of Ethnographers to Space Exploration
Remembering and Re-Membering: Lived Experience of Military Service Members in Rehabilitation
Navigating the Boundaries of an Anthropological Education in a Nonprofit World
The FAIR Money Collective
On Embedded Action Anthropology and How One Thing Leads to Another by Chance
Faculty Development as Applied Educational Anthropology
Islam and Dying in the United States: How Anthropology Contributes to Culturally Competent Care at the End-of-Life
Time and the Method of the Unexpected
Ethnographic Explorations of Intellectual Property Claims to Yoga: A Series of Unexpected Events
Surviving Academia 2.0: Lessons Learned from Practicing Hybrid Anthropology
Conclusion: The Unexpected and the Future of Anthropology
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