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Baggott J. Origins: The Scientific Story of Creation

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Baggott J. Origins: The Scientific Story of Creation
Oxford University Press, 2015. — 403 pp.
What is the nature of the material world? How does it work? What is the universe and how was it formed? What is life? Where do we come from and how did we evolve? How and why do we think? What does it mean to be human? How do we know?
There are many different versions of our creation story. This book tells the version according to modern science. It is a unique account, starting at the Big Bang and travelling right up to the emergence of humans as conscious intelligent beings, 13.8 billion years later. Chapter by chapter, it sets out the current state of scientific knowledge: the origins of space and time; energy, mass, and light; galaxies, stars, and our sun; the habitable earth, and complex life itself. Drawing together the physical and biological sciences, Baggott recounts what we currently know of our history, highlighting the questions science has yet to answer.
In the 'Beginning': The Origin of Space, Time and Energy.
Breaking the Symmetry: The Origin of Mass.
The Last Scattering Surface: The Origin of Light.
Setting the Firmament Alight: The Origin of Stars and Galaxies.
Synthesis: The Origin of Chemical Complexity.
Sol: The Origin of the Sun and its Planets.
Terra Firma: The Origin of a Habitable Earth.
The Cosmic Imperative: The Origin of Life.
A Song of Ice and Fire: The Origin of Species.
The Human Stain: The Origin of Humanity.
Cogito Ergo Sum: The Origin of Human Consciousness.
Appendix: Powers of Ten.
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