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Pereira R., Linares J.L. (Eds.) Clinical Interventions in Systemic Couple and Family Therapy

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Pereira R., Linares J.L. (Eds.) Clinical Interventions in Systemic Couple and Family Therapy
Springer, 2018. — 250 p. — (European Family Therapy Association Series). — ISBN 3319785206.
This timely update presents modern directions in systemic therapy practice with couples and families, focusing on clinical innovations from Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Top therapists discuss their breakthrough family work in treating familiar pathologies such as depression, borderline personality disorder, infidelity, and addictions, providing first-hand insight into meeting relational dysfunction with creativity and resourcefulness. The book applies novel conceptualizations and fresh techniques to complex situations including multi-problem families, involuntary clients, disability-related issues, anorexia, love and sex in aging, and family grief. From tapping into the strengths of siblingship to harnessing the therapeutic potential of the Internet, the book’s cases illustrate the rich variety of opportunities to improve client outcomes through systemic couple and family therapy.
This practical guide:
Demonstrates strategies for therapists to improve practice
Exemplifies methods for reducing the gap between clinical theory and practice
Identifies multiple dimensions of systems thinking in case formulation and therapy
Offers new insights into treating classic and recent forms of psychopathology
Provides a representative picture of couple and family therapy in southern Europe
Clinical Interventions in Systemic Couple and Family Therapy is of particular relevance to practitioners and clinicians working within couple and family therapy, and is also of interest to other professionals working in psychotherapy and professional mental health services.
Table of contents
The Family Therapy of Psychosis: A Reconfirmation Process
Borderline Personality Disorder Storyboard from the Systemic Family Therapist’s Perspective
Systemic Couple Therapy as a Tool to Approach Depressive Disorders
The Hungry Brain: A Revision of the Concept of Anorexia Nervosa and a New Direction for Systemic Therapy
A Challenge to Borderline Personality Diagnosis: Investigating Post-traumatic Personality Disorders. Connecting Personality Traits to Development in Family
The Importance of Being Siblings
What If There Is Another Person in His/Her Life? Infidelity in Couple Therapy
Love, Sexuality, and Aging: Reflections from Couple Therapy
Psychotherapy and Technology: Relational Strategies and Techniques for Online Therapeutic Activity
Future Strategies on the Treatment of Drug Addiction. Psychotherapeutic Work with the Families of Substance Abusers. Thoughts from Europe
The Multi-problem Family Generating Multiple Problems
The Multifamily Group in Severe Psychiatric Pathologies
Family Therapy with Involuntary Clients. The Therapeutic Alliance as a Major Key to Therapy Success
Systemic Intervention on Disabilities
The Mourning Family: Diagnosis and Systemic Intervention in Dysfunctional Family Grief
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