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Abrams Lynn, Brown Callum (eds.) A History of Everyday Life in Twentieth-Century Scotland

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Abrams Lynn, Brown Callum (eds.) A History of Everyday Life in Twentieth-Century Scotland
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2010. — 320 p. — ISBN-10: 0748624317; ISBN-13: 978-0748624317 — (A History of Everyday Life in Scotland EUP. Book 4)
Over the twentieth century Scots' lives changed in fast, dramatic and culturally significant ways. By examining their bodies, homes, working lives, rituals, beliefs and consumption, this volume exposes how the very substance of everyday life was composed, tracing both the intimate and the mass changes that the people endured. Using novel perspectives and methods, chapters range across the experiences of work, art and death, the way Scots conceived of themselves and their homes, and the way the 'old Scotland' of oppressive community rules broke down from mid-century as the country reinvented its everyday life and culture.This volume brings together leading cultural historians of twentieth-century Scotland to study the apparently mundane activities of people's lives, traversing the key spaces where daily experience is composed to expose the controversial personal and national politics that ritual and practice can generate.
Series Editors’ Foreword. Christopher A. Whatley and Elizabeth Foyster
Introduction: Conceiving the Everyday in the Twentieth Century. Lynn Abrams and Callum G. Brown
Charting Everyday Experience. Callum G. Brown
From Scullery to Conservatory: Everyday Life in the Scottish Home. Lynn Abrams and Linda Fleming
Changing Intimacy: Seeking and Forming Couple Relationships. Lynn Jamieson
The Realities and Narratives of Paid Work: The Scottish Workplace. Arthur McIvor
Being a Man: Everyday Masculinities. Hilary Young
Spectacle, Restraint and the Sabbath Wars: The ‘Everyday’ Scottish Sunday. Callum G. Brown
After ‘The Religion of My Fathers’: The Quest for Composure in the ‘Post-Presbyterian’ Self. Steven Sutcliffe
Culture in the Everyday: Art and Society. Angela Bartie
Sickness and Health. John Stewart
Passing Time: Cultures of Death and Mourning. E. W. McFarland
Further Reading
Notes on the Contributors
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