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Taylor J.C. (Ed.) Advances in Chemistry Research: Volume 30

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Taylor J.C. (Ed.) Advances in Chemistry Research: Volume 30
New York, USA: Nova Science Publishers, 2016. — 236 p. — (Advances in Chemistry Research). — ISBN 1634841840.
The authors' of this latest volume discuss recent advances in chemistry research. The chapters include discussions on a novel approach to developing a reliable optimized model for the estimation of PVT properties at various reservoir conditions; diverse dye removal technologies and recent progress in dye adsorption using activated carbon; the unique synthesis, properties and functions of mono- and di-nuclear ruthenium(II) aquo complexes; the detection of glycoproteins by widely used classical methods such as SDS-PAGE and Western blot; the predictability of the solubility of supercritical CO2 in ionic liquid; the impact of sucrose, stevia and xylitol on mechanical characteristics of gels prepared with different commercial chestnut flours; separated XRD analysis and non-linear optics for the interaction in composite materials of chiral cyanide bimetallic complexes and LiMnO2 ; and the oxidation of some sulphated macromolecules using various oxidizing agents.
Characterization of Petroleum Reservoir Fluid Properties
Dyes - Classification and Effective Removal Techniques
Unique Synthesis, Properties and Functions of Mono- and Di-Nuclear Ruthenium(II) Aquo Complexes
Modern Methods for Detecting Glycoproteins in Biological Samples
Reliable Model to Predict the Solubility of Supercritical CO2 in Ionic Liquid
Impact of Sucrose, Stevia and Xylitol on Mechanical Characteristics of Gels Prepared with Different Commercial Chestnut Flours
Separated XRD Analysis and Non-Linear Optics for Interaction in Composite Materials of Chiral Cyanide Bimetallic Complexes and LiMnO2 Metal Oxide
Oxidation of Some Sulphated Macromolecules Using Various Oxidizing Agents: Focusing On the Nature of Electron-Transfer Process and Oxidation Mechanistics with Synthesis of Coordination Biopolymer Oxidation Precursors as Novel Chelating Agents
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