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Taylor J.C. (Ed.) Advances in Chemistry Research: Volume 33

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Taylor J.C. (Ed.) Advances in Chemistry Research: Volume 33
New York, USA: Nova Science Publishers, 2016. — 265 p. — (Advances in Chemistry Research). — ISBN-10 1536100706.
The authors' of this latest volume discuss recent advances in chemistry research. Chapter One reports the commissioning of an external loop airlift reactor (ALR). Chapter Two reviews several pitfalls in tandem mass spectrometry analysis and the employment of alternative confirmatory methods, some of them also attainable with low resolution mass analyzers, to guarantee the unequivocal identification and confirmation of contaminants. Chapter Three shows that high-temperature electrochemical synthesis in ionic melts is a very promising method for obtaining tungsten carbides. Chapter Four provides an investigation into the performance of a shell and tube heat exchanger. Chapter Five discusses the characteristics of gamma radiation and its various uses. Chapter Six reviews the intercalation of poly[bis-(2-methoxyethoxyethoxy)phosphazene] (MEEP) into vanadium pentoxide xerogel. Chapter Seven focuses on the thermodynamics of complex formation between Ag(I) ion and 18-crown-6 in methanol-acetonitrile mixed solvent. Chapter Eight studies the assay of the hydration shell dynamics on the turnover of the active site of CF1-ATPase
Commissioning of an Air-Lift Reactor
Pitfalls in Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis and Alternative Confirmatory Methods
Tungsten Carbide: High Temperature Electrochemical Synthesis from Ionic Melts, Technologies of Obtaining and Regeneration
An Investigation into the Performance of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Characteristics of Gamma Radiation and Its Various Uses
Intercalation of Poly [bis-(2-Methoxyethoxyethoxy) Phosphazene] into Vanadium Pentoxide Xerogel: Preparation, Characterization and Conductivity Properties
Thermodynamics of Complex Formation between Ag(I) Ion and 18-Crown-6
The Assay of the Hydration Shell Dynamics on the Turnover of the Active Site of CF1-ATPase
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