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Wood W. Raymond, McMillan R. Bruce. Prehistoric Man and His Environments. A Case Study in the Ozark Highland

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Wood W. Raymond, McMillan R. Bruce. Prehistoric Man and His Environments. A Case Study in the Ozark Highland
Academic Press, 1976. — 286 p. — (Studies in archeology series). — ISBN 0-12-762950-5.

Prehistoric Man and His Environments: A Case Study in the Ozark Highland
offers a preliminary model for the paleoecology of the western Ozark Highland in Missouri for the last 35,000 years and an interpretation of how humans have adapted to and exploited the area for the 10,500 years they are known to have lived there. The model, a set of hypotheses that includes a putative explanatory framework for the observations made at Ozark, is based on more than a decade of interdisciplinary fieldwork.
Comprised of 14 chapters, this volume begins with a background on the interdisciplinary studies undertaken in the Pomme de Terre River Valley. The research has centered on the post-glacial deposits at the Rodgers Shelter and on five nearby spring bogs, each of which contained the bones of extinct mammals, pollen, and other material dating from late Pleistocene and early Holocene times. The archaeological investigations and subsequent analyses of these sites are discussed in detail. Sedimentary processes, changing subsistence patterns, material culture, and human burials at Rodgers Shelter are then analyzed. The final chapter describes the direction of research in the Ozark Highland, including plans to test aspects of the proposed model.
This book will be of interest to anthropologists, archaeologists, geographers, geologists, and botanists.
The Program.
Interdisciplinary Studies in the Pomme de Terre River Valley (W. Raymond Wood).
The Pomme de Terre Study Locality: Its Setting (R. Bruce McMillan).
Quaternary Environments.
Late Quaternary Geology of the Lower Pomme de Terre Valley (C. Vance Haynes).
Late Quaternary Biotic Records from Spring Deposits in Western Missouri (James E. King and Everett H. Lindsay).
The Question of Man's Antiquity.
Man and Mastodon: A Review of Koch's 1840 Pomme de Terre Expeditions (R. Bruce McMillan).
Archaeological Investigations at the Pomme de Terre Springs (W. Raymond Wood).
Man and his Environment.
Rodgers Shelter: A Record of Cultural and Environmental Change (R. Bruce McMillan).
Sedimentary Processes at Rodgers Shelter (Stanley A. Ahler).
Changing Subsistence Patterns at Rodgers Shelter (Paul W. Parmalee, R. Bruce McMillan, and Frances B. King).
Material Culture at Rodgers Shelter: A Reflection of Past Human Activities (Stanley A. Ahler and R. Bruce McMillan).
Human Burials from Rodgers Shelter (William M. Bass lll and William L. Rhule ll).
The Dynamics of Cultural and Environmental Change at Rodgers Shelter, Missouri (R. Bruce McMillan).
Synopsis and Epilogue.
A Summary of Environmental and Cultural Change in the Western Missouri Ozarks (R. Bruce McMillan and W. Raymond Wood).
Models in Western Missouri Paleoecology and Prehistory: The Future (W. Raymond Wood, R. Bruce McMillan, and James E. King).
Potential Food Plants of the Western Missouri Ozarks (Frances B. King).
Forest Density and Nut Production Potential for the Rodgers Shelter Area (Frances B. King).
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