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Windelband Wilhelm. History of philosophy with special reference to the formation and development of its problems and conceptions

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Windelband Wilhelm. History of philosophy with special reference to the formation and development of its problems and conceptions
Transl. by James H. Tufts. — New York: The Macmillan Companyб 1901. — 742 p.
As is shown even by tlie external form of the exposition, chief emphasis has been laid upon the development of what is weightiest from a philosophical standpoint : the history of problems and conceptions. To understand this as a connected and interrelated, whole has been my chief purpose. The historical interleaving of the varions lines of thought, out of which our theory of the world and life has grown, forms the especial object of my work, and I am convinced that this problem is to be solved, not by any a priori logical construction, but only by an all-sided, unprejudiced investigation of the facts. If in this exposition a relatively large part of the whole seems to be deyoted to antiquity, this rests upon the conviction that for a historical understanding of our intellectual existence, the forging ont of the conceptions which the Greek mind wrested from the concrete reality found in ]№ature and human life, is more important than all that has since been thought — the Kantian philosophy excepted. The task thus set required, however, a renunciation which no one can regret more than myself. The purely topical treatment of the historical movement of philosophy did not permit of giving to the personality of the philosophers an impressiveness corresponding to their true worth. This could only be touched upon where it becomes efficient as a causal factoT in the combination and transformation of ideas. The sesthetic fascination which dwells in the individual nature of the great agents of the movement, and which lends its especial charm to the academic lecture, as well as to the more extended exposition of the history of philosophy, had to be given up here in favour of a better insight into the pragmatic necessity of the mental process.
Name and Conception of Philosophy
The History of Philosophy
Division of Philosophy and of its History
The philosophy of the Greeks
The Cosmological Period
Conceptions of Being
Conceptions of the Cosmic Processes or Becoming
Conceptions of Cognition
The Anthropological Period
The Problem of Morality
The Problem of Science
The Systematic Period
Metaphysics grounded anew by Epistemology and Ethics
The System of Materialism
The System of Idealism
The Aristotelian Logie
The System of development
The Hellenistic-Roman Philosophy
The Ethical Period1
The Ideal of the Wise Man
Mechanism and Teleology
The Freedom of the Will and the Perfection of the Universe
The Criteria of Truth
The Religious Period
Authority and Revelation
Spirit and Matter
God and the World
The Problem of the World’s History
The Philosophy Op The Middle Ages
First Period
The Metaphysics of Inner Experience
The Controversy over Uni versais
The Dualism of Body and Soul
The Second Period
The Realm of Mature and the Realm of Grace
The Primacy of the Will or of the Intellect
The Problem of Individuality
The Philosophy Of The Renaissance
The Humanistic Period
The Struggle between the Traditions
Macrocosm and Microcosm
The Natural Science Period
The Problem of Method
Substance and Causality
Natural Right
The Philosophy Of The Enlightenment
Theoretical Questions
Innate Ideas
Knowledge of the External World
Natal Religion
Practical Questions
The Principles of Morals
The Problem of Civilisation
The German Philosophy
Kant’s Critique or the Reason
The Object of Knowledge
The Categorical Imperative
Natural Purposiveness
The Development oj Idealism
The Thing-in-itself
The System of Reason
The Metaphysics of the Irrational
The Philosophy Of The Nineteenth Century
The Controversy over the Soul
Nature and History
The Problem of Values
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