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Johnson Robert. British imperialism

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Johnson Robert. British imperialism
Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. — 301 p.
The British Empire in 1815
British India, c.1757–1947
European possessions in Africa, 1914
Introduction: what was British imperialism?
What was the nature of imperialism in the early nineteenth century?
What was the nature of British rule in India, c.1770–1858?
‘New Imperialism’ and ‘Gentlemanly Capitalism’: did the flag follow trade?
What were the motives and effects of colonisation and migration?
Collaboration and resistance: was the Empire held by coercion or co-operation?
Colonial discourse: was there an ideology of imperialism?
Was the British Empire racialist or racist?
What was the significance of gender to British imperialism?
The Great War: watershed or continuity?
How did British imperialism meet the challenges of the inter-war years?
What effect did the Second World War have on British imperialism?
Decolonisation after 1945: how did British imperialism end?
What was the cultural legacy of imperialism?
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