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Bruggeman Scott. Rental Property Management Secrets For Landlords

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Bruggeman Scott. Rental Property Management Secrets For Landlords
Socrates Media, 2006. — 59 p.
Whether you are renting out a house, an apartment, a mobile home, or a giant complex, there’s no doubt rental property offers one of the best opportunities to develop a steady stream of cash flow and capture long-term appreciation.
It may seem like a simple job at fi rst. However, the business of property management is multifaceted, and can become very complicated.
As a property investor, you are responsible not only for the property itself, but all the upkeep, the tenants, paperwork and much more. Property investors and landlords need to know how to be an advertiser when searching for new tenants; a host when showing properties; an investigator when doing tenant screenings and background checks; a handyman when making repairs; a bookkeeper when maintaining your tenant’s records; and even a counselor when dealing with problem tenants.
Although the realm of managing rental property can seem overwhelming, Rental Property Management Secrets for Landlords! shows you how to juggle all the responsibilities so you can confi dently manage your property. Plus this special report provides additional tips to help you deal with the day-to-day challenges and tenant issues that arise when you own rental property.
While many of life’s lessons are learned by trial and error, rental property management shouldn’t be one of them—the mistakes are too costly and the legal downsides too significant. In this special report, you’ll find proven strategies to make owning and managing rental property not only profitable but pleasant as well.
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