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Kurjak Asim, Arenas Jose Bajo (eds.) Donald School Textbook of Transvaginal Sonography

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Kurjak Asim, Arenas Jose Bajo (eds.) Donald School Textbook of Transvaginal Sonography
2nd edition. — Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, 2013. — 497 p.
This book represents the current knowledge on one of the newest achievements in obstetric and gynecologic ultrasonography, transvaginal sonography. The sophisticated ultrasound imaging technique of transvaginal ultrasound has become available for both obstetricians and gynecologists. Today, many types of transvaginal probe exist which are designed with adequate shape and high frequency of ultrasound. Accordingly high quality of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) images of the uterus, ovaries or the early conceptus in the uterus can be obtained through the vaginal fornix, even though with some limitations like a narrow view field of the image. The most exciting recent developments are color Doppler and transvaginal sonography. The combination of these two modalities in the same vaginal probe provides for superb simultaneous visualization of structural and flow information and offers new insight into dynamic studies of blood flow within the female pelvis. The book also comprises by the most sophisticated techniques and equipment currently available.
Transvaginal Probe: Technical Aspect.
Basis of Transvaginal Scanning.
Ultrasound Safety in Transvaginal Scan.
Ultrasonic Tissue Characterization with Gray Level Histogram Width.
Transrectal Sonography.
Fetal Anatomy on the First Trimester of Pregnancy.
Ultrasound Imaging of Early Extraembryonic Structures.
Ultrasound Markers of Aneuploidy in the First Trimester.
Early Detection of Fetal Abnormality.
Echocardiography in Early Pregnancy.
Assessment of Fetal Central Nervous System.
Ultrasonographic Signs of Poor Pregnancy Outcome.
Placenta and Transvaginal Sonography.
Assessment of Placental Vascularization by Three-dimensional Power Doppler Ultrasound: Placental Biopsy in Normal Pregnancies.
Cervical Measurements and Preterm Labor.
Transvaginal Assessment of the Cervix.
Cervix in the First Trimester of Pregnancy.
Transvaginal Sonography in Multiple Pregnancy.
Uterine Lesions.
2D and 3D Power Doppler Ultrasound Study of Endometrium as Implantation Marker.
Follicular Monitoring.
Asymptomatic Simple Ovarian Cyst in Postmenopausal Women: Syndrome of “Visible Ovary“.
Transvaginal Sonography in Evaluation of Functional Ovarian Cysts.
Baseline Scan and Ultrasound Diagnosis of PCOS.
Hormone Replacement Therapy: Ultrasound Role.
Ectopic Pregnancy.
Female Pelvic Floor: Descriptive Anatomy and Clinical Exploration by Transvaginal Ultrasound Echography.
Sonography of the Pelvic Infection.
Transvaginal Sonography in Postmenopausal Women.
Use of Different Ultrasound Techniques in the Field of Urogynecology.
Physical Principles of the Doppler Effect and its Application in Medicine.
Use of Ultrasound in the Field of Infertility.
Chorionic Volume and Intervillous Blood Flow in Normal First Trimester Pregnancies Assessed by 3D Power Doppler Ultrasound.
Doppler Evaluation of the Ovary: Clinical Applications and Challenges.
Three-dimensional Sonoembryology.
Cesarean Scar Hysterotomy: Assessment by 3D Transvaginal Echography.
Assessment of Normal and Abnormal Ovaries by Transvaginal Sonography.
Screening for Ovarian Cancer by Different Modes of Transvaginal Sonography.
Four-dimensional Technical Aspects.
Fetal Upper Limb Movement in the First Half of Pregnancy Detected by Transvaginal 4D Ultrasound.
Advanced Sonographic Assessment of Benign Endometrial Disease.
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