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Ware J.M., Taylor G.E. (eds.) Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems, W2GIS 2007

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Ware J.M., Taylor G.E. (eds.) Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems, W2GIS 2007
Springer, 2007. — 301 p.
7th International Symposium, W2GIS 2007, Cardiff, UK, November 28-29, 2007, Proceedings.
These proceedings contain the papers selected for presentation at the Seventh International Symposium on Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems (W2GIS 2007). The symposium was organized locally by the University of Glamorgan (UK) and held in Cardiff (UK) in November 2007. It was the latest in a series of annual events that started in Kyoto 2001 and now alternate locations each year between East Asia and Europe. As in previous years, the aim of the symposium was to provide an up-to-date review of advances and recent developments in theoretical and technical issues relating to Web and wireless GIS technologies. The symposium organizers received 45 full papers in response to the call for papers. These papers went through a thorough review process, with each paper being assessed by at least three reviewers. The quality of papers was high, and 21 were selected for presentation and inclusion in these proceedings. It was particularly pleasing to note that 19 different countries are represented by the authors of selected papers. The keynote address was delivered by Jonathan Raper of City University, London, in which he talked about his research work in the areas of location-based services and mobile information needs. We wish to thank all the authors that submitted papers to this symposium. Our special thanks go to all those who attended, and particularly those who presented.
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