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Tam Bang Vu. Seeing the Future. How to Build Basic Forecasting Models

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Tam Bang Vu. Seeing the Future. How to Build Basic Forecasting Models
Business Expert Press, 2015. — 284 p.
If you are a business person, who desires to forecast demands and sales, or a researcher, who wishes to predict a future event, this textbook is for you. The book is also written for upper-division undergraduate students, first year MBA students, and other readers who wish to acquire fundamental knowledge of quantitative forecasting.
A team of fictional characters is introduced to enhance your learning experience. They comprise two instructors and 10 students. They will share their learning and working experiences with you.
The book emphasizes applied aspects of forecasting, so the only prerequisites for the course are high-school statistics and college algebra. The book discusses most of the forecasting methods frequently used in practice. All in-book analyses are accompanied by numerical examples that can easily be performed on a handheld calculator or Microsoft Excel, which is the only technical software required for all demonstrations and exercises in the book.
Two Excel folders are provided without charge on the BEP website. The first folder, Excel Demos, comprises all Excel files to reproduce the demonstrations in this book, including the data and commands in the cells corresponding to the ones in the text. The second folder, Exercise Data, consists of all data for the exercises in the book. A folder including all solutions to the exercises is available to instructors once a book order is placed.
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