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Márquez Adolfo Crespo. The maintenance management framework: models and methods for complex systems maintenance

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Márquez Adolfo Crespo. The maintenance management framework: models and methods for complex systems maintenance
Springer Science & Business Media, 2007. — 333 p. — (Springer Series in Reliability Engineering). — ISBN-13 9781846288203.
The Maintenance Management Framework describes and reviews the concept, process and framework of modern maintenance management of complex systems; concentrating specifically on modern modelling tools (deterministic and empirical) for maintenance planning and scheduling. It presents a new perspective of maintenance management by:
focusing on the course of maintenance actions;
presenting a structure that ensures proper support for current maintenance managers;
clarifying the functionality that is required from information technology when applied to maintenance and the functions of modern maintenance engineering; and
creating a set of practical models for maintenance management planning and scheduling.
The discussion of all of these issues is supported through the use of case studies.
The Maintenance Management Framework will be beneficial for engineers and professionals involved in: maintenance management, maintenance engineering, operations management, quality, etc. It will also be of interest to graduate students and researchers in this field.
This manuscript deals with the maintenance management process, defined as the course of action and the series of stages to follow in order to manage maintenance properly, and specifically with the maintenance management framework, that refers to the essential supporting structure and the basic system needed to manage maintenance effectively. The work is divided into three major parts:
Maintenance management definition and characterization;
Basic concepts for complex systems maintenance;
Developing the maintenance management framework.
Each of these three parts covers different contents with the following intentions:
To characterise, in detail, the maintenance management process and framework (Part 1).
To review the basic concepts and models needed for the design, development and implementation of tools within the maintenance management and maintenance engineering fields (Part 2).
To offer a practical view of the maintenance management process, identifying the key decision areas where specific modelling tools can be
of great help (Part 3, in Chapter 7).
To develop the basic pillars of the maintenance management framework, providing the reader with a consistent background in practical modelling tools and engineering methods for maintenancemanagement (Part 3).

Maintenance Management Definition and Characterization
On the Definition of Maintenance Management
Maintenance Management Characterization: Process, Framework and Supporting Pillars
Basic Concepts for Complex Systems Maintenance
The Failure Concept
Failure Models
The Maintenance Concept
Basic Maintenance Models
Developing the Maintenance Management Framework
A Review of Key Decision Areas in Maintenance Management Modelling
Definition of Maintenance Objectives and Strategy
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