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Hatziargyriou Nikos (ed.). Microgrids. Architectures And Control

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Hatziargyriou Nikos (ed.). Microgrids. Architectures And Control
Chichester, UK: Wiley-IEEE Press, 2014. — 340 p. — ISBN-10 1118720687; ISBN-13 978-1118720684 — (Wiley - IEEE).
This book is the culmination of the work of leading experts in various aspects of Microgrids. It is based on six years of work funded by the European Commission. The concept and rationale of Microgrids are discussed in a way that is accessible to both the specialist and non-specialist. Various technical aspects of Microgrids are investigated in detail including architectures, operation and control, protection as well as social and economic benefits. The book is unique in the way it uses case studies of Microgrid pilot sites around the world to test and validate various operational and control approaches under real life conditions. The lessons learnt from the pilot sites are also captured and can be used to inform future work. The book comes at an opportune time as it deals with many issues that provide the bedrock for smart grids. It covers the key defining features of future power systems which are likely to be characterised by decentralised electricity supply with significant roles for renewable energy, storage and demands side participation leading to the brave new world of so-called “democratisation of energy supply”. Professionals and students alike, embarking on a career either in industry or research on sustainable energy systems in which smart grid concepts will play an increasingly central role, will find this book essential reading and an invaluable companion.
The Microgrids Concept. Christine Schwaegerl and Liang Tao
Microgrids Control Issues. Aris Dimeas, Antonis Tsikalakis, George Kariniotakis and George Korres
Intelligent Local Controllers. Thomas Degner, Nikos Soultani, Alfred Engler and Asier Gil de Muro
Microgrid Protection. Alexander Oudalov, Thomas Degner, Frank van Overbeeke and Jose Miguel Yarza
Operation of Multi-Microgrids. Joao Abel Pescas Lopes, Andre Madureira, Nuno Gil and Fernanda Resende
Pilot Sites: Success Stories and Learnt Lessons. George Kariniotakis, Aris Dimeas and Frank Van Overbeeke
Quantification of Technical, Economic, Environmental and Social Benefits of Microgrid Operation. Christine Schwaegerl and Liang Tao
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