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Leon Trotsky. Writings. 1938-1939

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Leon Trotsky. Writings. 1938-1939
New York: Pathfinder Press, 1974. — 430 p. — ISBN 0-87348-366-9; ISBN 0-87348-365-0
The life and work of Leon Trotsky may be conveniently divided into three parts: from his birth in 1879 to the Russian Revolution in 1917, when he became a leader of the new Soviet government; from 1917 to 1929, when he was exiled to Turkey; his third and last period of exile, from 1929 to his assassination in Mexico in 1940. It is generally agreed that his writings in this exile period were the most mature expression of his ideas and philosophy. With the publication of the twelve-volume Writings of Leon Trotsky (1929-40) it can be said that everything written by Trotsky in this period and published in any language during his lifetime or since is now available to the English-reading public. The Writings series has brought together many pamphlets, articles, and letters previously translated into English but difficult to locate because they appeared in periodicals unknown to the general reader or in internal bulletins restricted to the membership of various small political organizations; in addition, it includes many articles that had never been translated into English before, and many others that had not been published in any language anywhere. Counting the twelve volumes in this series, the total of Trotsky's published work from the eleven and a half years of his last exile runs between 9,500 and 10,000 printed pages-the equivalent of around twenty-eight average-sized volumes.
Phrases and Reality (September 19, 1938)
The Totalitarian "Right of Asylum" (September 19, 1938)
The Assassination of Rudolf Klement (September 20, 1938)
Fight Imperialism to Fight Fascism (September 21, 1938)
After the Collapse of Czechoslovakia, Stalin Will Seek Accord with Hitler (September 22, 1938)
Anti-Imperialist Struggle Is Key to Liberation (September 23, 1938)
Problems of the American Party (October 5, 1938)
What Is the Meaning of the Struggle Against "Trotskyism"? (October 9, 1938)
A Fresh Lesson (October 10, 1938)
To Our Friends and Readers (October 11, 1938)
The Problem of a New International (October 11, 1938)
Tasks of the Trade Union Movement in Latin America (October 11, 1938)
The Founding of the Fourth International (October 18, 1938)
To the Editors of Biulleten Oppozitsii, Lutte Ouvrière, and Quatrième Internationale (October 22, 1938)
A False View (October 22, 1938)
Two Agents of "Democratic" Imperialism (October 22, 1938)
American Prospects (October 24, 1938)
A Few Words on Andre Breton (October 27, 1938)
Letter to Andre Breton (October 27, 1938)
"Peace in Our Time"? (November4, 1938)
Karl Kautsky (November8, 1938)
Haya de la Torre and Democracy (November 9, 1938)
In Defense of Asylum (November 10, 1938)
Terrorism and the Murders of Rasputin and Nicholas II (November 14, 1938)
The Twenty-First Anniversary (November 14, 1938)
A Contribution to Centrist Literature (November 15, 1938)
Toward a Revolutionary Youth Organization (November 18, 1938)
The Individuals History (1938)
Stalin vs. Stalin (November 19, 1938)
Reply to Father Coughlin's Charges (November 28, 1938)
For an Independent Youth Movement (November 30, 1938)
On the Murder of Rudolf Klement (December 1, 1938)
Open Letter to Senator Allen (December 2, 1938)
Victor Serge and the Fourth International (December 2, 1938)
Problems of the Mexican Section (December 5, 1938)
A Revolutionary Name for a Revolutionary Youth Group (December 10, 1 938)
For a Systematic Political Campaign (December 12, 1938)
A Political Dialogue (December 20, 1938)
Answers to the Lies of the New York Daily News (December 28, 1938)
Lenin and Imperialist War (December 30, 1938)
To the Pillory! (December 31, 1938)
One More Lesson on the Lima Conference (December 31, 1938)
To the Readers of Clave (January 1939)
Clave and the Election Campaign (January 1939)
A Proposed Biography (January 21, 1939)
Jouhaux and Toledano (January 30, 1939)
Stalin, Skoblin, and Company (January 30, 1939)
Ignorance Is Not a Revolutionary Instrument (January 30, 1939)
For Grynszpan (February 1939)
Intellectual Ex-Radicals and World Reaction (February 17, 1939)
Krupskaya's Death (March 4, 1939)
The Betrayers of India (March 4, 1939)
What Lies Behind Stalin Bid for Agreement with Hitler? (March 6, 1939)
Once Again on the "Crisis of Marxism" (March 7, 1939)
A Step Toward Social Patriotism (March 7, 1939)
"Learn to Work in the Stalin Manner" (March 7, 1939)
Stalin's Capitulation (March 11, 1939)
On Mexico's Second Six Year Plan (March 14, 1939)
A Proposal from Shanghai (March 18, 1939)
Only Revolution Can End War (March 18, 1939)
Our Work in the Communist Party (March 20, 1939)
Two Statements on Family Matters
Deposition to the Court (January 15, 1939)
The"Kidnaping" of Trotsky's Grandson (March 26, 1939)
Fighting Against the Stream (April 1939)
On the History of the Left Opposition (April 1939)
The Diego Rivera Affair
Letter to James P. Cannon (October 30, 1938)
Letter to Charles Curtiss (December 24, 1938)
A Necessary Statement (January 4, 1939)
The Source of the Problem (January 11, 1939)
Letter to Frida Rivera (January 12, 1939)
"Clove's Statement on Rivera's Resignation (January 17, 1939)
Suggestions for a Reply from the Pan-American Committee and the IS (January 1939)
Letter to Charles Curtiss (January 18, 1939)
Letter to Charles Curtiss (February 14, 1939)
Letter to Charles Curtiss (February 15, 1939)
Letterto the Pan-American Committee (March 22, 1939)
Letter to James P. Cannon (March 27, 1939)
Statement of the Pan-American Committee (April 5, 1939)
More on Our Work in the Communist Party (April 10, 1939)
Greetings to Carlo Tresca (April 10, 1939)
The Ukrainian Question (April22, 1939)
Letter to Emrys Hughes (April 22, 1939)
The Crisis in the French Section
Letter to James P. Cannon (December 5, 1938)
Letter to James P. Cannon (April 8, 1939)
Letter to the Political Committee of the SWP (April 18, 1939)
Letter to the Political Committee of the SWP (April 22, 1939)
Letter to the International Secretariat (July 27, 1939)
On Laborde and Trotskyists in General (April 28, 1939)
The Bonapartist Philosophy of the State (May 1, 1939)
Nationalized Industry and Workers' Management (May 12, 1939)
A Graphic History of Bolshevism (June 7, 1939)
Ten Years (June 10, 1939)
Soviet Plutarchs (June 10, 1939)
Toward a Balance Sheet of the Purges (June 10, 1939)
1917-1939 (June 10, 1939)
For a Courageous Reorientation (June 16, 1939)
The Riddle of the USSR (June 21, 1939)
The Kremlin in World Politics (July 1, 1939)
Other Writings of 1938-39
Books and Pamphlets by Leon Trotsky
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