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Leon Trotsky. Writings. 1934-1935

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Leon Trotsky. Writings. 1934-1935
New York: Pathfinder Press, 2002. — 439 p. — ISBN 0-8734S-403-7; ISBN 0-87348-194-1
The life and work of Leon Trotsky may be conveniently divided into three parts: from his birth in 1879 to the Russian Revolution in 1917, when he became a leader of the new Soviet government; from 1917 to 1929, when he was exiled to Turkey; his third and last period of exile, from 1929 to his assassination in Mexico in 1940. It is generally agreed that his writings in this exile period were the most mature expression of his ideas and philosophy. With the publication of the twelve-volume Writings of Leon Trotsky (1929-40) it can be said that everything written by Trotsky in this period and published in any language during his lifetime or since is now available to the English-reading public. The Writings series has brought together many pamphlets, articles, and letters previously translated into English but difficult to locate because they appeared in periodicals unknown to the general reader or in internal bulletins restricted to the membership of various small political organizations; in addition, it includes many articles that had never been translated into English before, and many others that had not been published in any language anywhere. Counting the twelve volumes in this series, the total of Trotsky's published work from the eleven and a half years of his last exile runs between 9,500 and 10,000 printed pages-the equivalent of around twenty-eight average-sized volumes.
The foreign policy of the Soviet Union (Published June 16,1934)
A program of action for France (Published June 1934)
The League faced with a turn (June 1934)
The League faced with a decisive turn (June 1934)
The state of the League and its tasks (June 29, 1934)
Greetings to The New International' (July 1934)
The evolution of the SFIO (July 2ft 1934)
Bonapartism and fascism (July 15, 1934)
Cross the Rubicon (July 16, 1934)
The Stalinists and organic unity (July 19,1934)
Supplementary arguments and suggestions for articles (July 21,1934)
Tasks of the 1CL (July 21,1934)
Clouds in the Far East (Published August 1934)
Summary of the discussion (August 6,1934)
The task of revolutionary teachers (August 10,1934)
To the Bolshevik-Leninists in the USSR (Published August 17, 1934)
If America should go communist (August 17, 1934)
The way out (August 1934)
On the theses 'Unity and the Youth' (Summer 1934)
An advocate takes up a position on the French situation (September 22, 1934)
The 'Belgian' tradition in discussion (September 22,1934)
To the Ukrainian comrades in Canada (October 20,1934)
Austria, Spain, Belgium and the turn (November 1, 1934)
How to answer the London-Amsterdam Bureau (November 1934)
No compromise on the Russian question (November 11, 1934)
On Bonapartism (Marxism is superior) (Published December 1, 1934)
Once more on our turn (December 15, 1934)
On the SAP's proposals (December 1934)
The Stalinist bureaucracy and the Kirov assassination (December 28,1934)
The indictment (December 30, 1934)
Statement to the press (December 30, 1934)
Some results of the Stalin amalgam (januaiy 12,1935)
The case of Zinoviev, Kamenev and others (January 16-18, 1935)
Everything gradually falls into place (January 26, 1935)
Where is the Stalin bureaucracy leading the USSR? (January 30, 1935)
The workers' state, Thermidor and Bonapartism (February 1,1935)
'Soviet democracy' (February 10,1935)
To Comrade Sneevliet on the IAG conference (February 26,1935)
To Cannon on the next steps (February 1935)
Centrist combinations and Marxist tactics (February 28, 1935)
Again on the question of Bonapartism (March 1935)
The Belgian dispute and the de Man plan (March 2,1935)
From a letter to the Chinese comrades (March 5, 1935)
From the CGT's plan to the conquest of power (Delivered March 18-19,1935)
The situation in the Stockholm Youth Bureau (March 23,1935)
A new noose in the Stalinist amalgam (March 31, 1935)
Notes of a journalist (Published April 1935)
The situation in France and the tasks of the Bolshevik-Leninist Group of the SFIO (April 15, 1935)
On the South African theses (April 20,1935)
Centrist alchemy or Marxism? (April 24, 1935)
News about the family (April 25, 1935)
Stalinist treason in THumanite' (Published April 26, 1935,
Laval and the French CP (May 1935)
Toward the new youth international (Spring 1935)
Stalin has signed the death certificate of the Third International (Published May 25, 1935)
To the students of Edinburgh University (June 7,1935)
The Seventh Congress of the Comintern (June 7,1935)
Three telegrams to Norway (June 7-12, 1935)
An open letter to the workers of France (June 10,1935)
A new turn is necessary (June 10,1935)
Discipline must be restored (June 13,1935)
Trotsky's clandestine activity at Domene, by Pierre Broue
Other writings of 1934-35
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