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Leon Trotsky. Writings. 1932-1933

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Leon Trotsky. Writings. 1932-1933
New York: Pathfinder Press, 1972. — 364 p.
The life and work of Leon Trotsky may be conveniently divided into three parts: from his birth in 1879 to the Russian Revolution in 1917, when he became a leader of the new Soviet government; from 1917 to 1929, when he was exiled to Turkey; his third and last period of exile, from 1929 to his assassination in Mexico in 1940. It is generally agreed that his writings in this exile period were the most mature expression of his ideas and philosophy. With the publication of the twelve-volume Writings of Leon Trotsky (1929-40) it can be said that everything written by Trotsky in this period and published in any language during his lifetime or since is now available to the English-reading public. The Writings series has brought together many pamphlets, articles, and letters previously translated into English but difficult to locate because they appeared in periodicals unknown to the general reader or in internal bulletins restricted to the membership of various small political organizations; in addition, it includes many articles that had never been translated into English before, and many others that had not been published in any language anywhere. Counting the twelve volumes in this series, the total of Trotsky's published work from the eleven and a half years of his last exile runs between 9,500 and 10,000 printed pages-the equivalent of around twenty-eight average-sized volumes.
"With Both Hands" (December 1932)
On the State of the Left Opposition (December 16,1932)
A Letter to Bulgaria (December 19, 1932) The Belgian Opposition and Its Newspaper (December 20, 1932)
The Crisis in the German Section (December 28, 1932)
On Those Who Have Forgotten the ABC (December 28, 1932)
The International Left Opposition, Its Tasks and Methods (December 1932)
A Letter to Prometeo (PublishedJanuary 1, 1933)
The Mistake of the International Secretariat (January 4, 1933)
Marxism and Eastman (January 4, 1933)
My Daughter's Suicide (January 11, 1933)
The Danger of Thermidor (January 11, 1933)
Stalin's Denial (January 14, 1933)
A Test of the Three Factions (January 26, 1933)
Preface to the Greek Edition of The New Course (January 28, 1933)
Serious Lessons from an Inconsequential Thing (January 28, 1933)
Alarm Signal! (March 3, 1933)
Uneven and Combined Development and the Role of American Imperialism (March 4, 1933)
Help Is Needed At Once (March 6, 1933)
The Situation in the American League (March 7, 1933)
A Great Success (March 1933)
Hitler's Victory (March 10, 1933)
KPD or New Party? (I) (March 12, 1933)
KPD or New Party? (II) (March 1933)
A Letter to the Politburo (March 15, 1933)
The U.S. Bank Crisis (March 17, 1933)
How Otto Bauer Poses the Question (March 19, 1933)
Austria's Turn Next (March 23, 1933)
What About Rakovsky? (March 23, 1933)
Molotov on Zinoviev (March 1933)
KPD or New Party? (Ill) (March 29, 1933)
We Need an Honest Inner-Party Agreement (March 30, 1933)
The Economic Onslaught of the Counterrevolution and the Unions (March 30, 1933)
A Declaration to the Congress Against Fascism (April 1933)
What Is Historical Objectivity? (April 1, 1933)
Foreword to Leninism vs. Stalinism (April 6, 1933)
The Collapse of the KPD and the Tasks of the Opposition (April 9, 1933)
Blind Obedience, Revolutionary Discipline, and the Youth (April 10, 1933)
Marxism As a Science (April 11, 1933)
Greetings to the Chilean Opposition (April 15, 1933)
More on the American Dispute (April 17, 1933)
In Reply to the German Draft Resolution (April 21, 1933)
The Left Opposition and the SAP (April 27, 1933)
The Degeneration of Theory and the Theory of Degeneration (April 29, 1933)
What Must the Austrian Social Democratic Opposition Do? (May 3, 1933)
Preface to the Bulgarian Edition of Socialism in One Country (May 6, 1933)
Lessons of May Day in Austria (May 7, 1933)
On the Foreign Policy of the Stalinist Bureaucracy (May 12, 1933)
An Explanation (May 13, 1933)
Greetings to The Red Flag (May 19, 1933)
The Platform of the Brandler Group (May 22, 1933)
Zinoviev and Kamenev Capitulate Again (May 23, 1933)
What's Happened to Rakovsky? (May 25, 1933)
Hitler and Disarmament (June 2, 1933)
The Fourth of August (June 4, 1933)
An Interview by Georges Simenon (June 6, 1933)
The Latest Falsification of the Stalinists (Published June 9, 1933)
Diplomatic and Parliamentary Cretinism (June 13, 1933)
Interview by the New York World Telegram (June 13, 1933)
The Left Socialist Organizations and Our Tasks (June 15, 1933)
The Party's Policy in the Field of Art and Philosophy (June 16, 1933)
On the Difficulties of Our Work (June 17, 1933)
A Correction (June 18, 1933)
Zinoviev on the Party Regime (July 6, 1933)
Japan Heads for Disaster (July 12, 1933)
Fascism and Democratic Slogans (July 14, 1933)
Skrypnik's Suicide (July 15, 1933)
It Is Necessary to Build Communist Parties and an International Anew (July 15, 1933)
Farewell to Prinkipo (July 15, 1933)
Stalin Reassures Hitler (July 19, 1933)
On Sailing from Turkey (July 19, 1933)
Other Writings of 1932-33
Books and Pamphlets by Leon Trotsky
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