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Leon Trotsky. Writings. 1932

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Leon Trotsky. Writings. 1932
New York: Pathfinder Press, 1973. — 417 p.
The life and work of Leon Trotsky may be conveniently divided into three parts: from his birth in 1879 to the Russian Revolution in 1917, when he became a leader of the new Soviet government; from 1917 to 1929, when he was exiled to Turkey; his third and last period of exile, from 1929 to his assassination in Mexico in 1940. It is generally agreed that his writings in this exile period were the most mature expression of his ideas and philosophy. With the publication of the twelve-volume Writings of Leon Trotsky (1929-40) it can be said that everything written by Trotsky in this period and published in any language during his lifetime or since is now available to the English-reading public. The Writings series has brought together many pamphlets, articles, and letters previously translated into English but difficult to locate because they appeared in periodicals unknown to the general reader or in internal bulletins restricted to the membership of various small political organizations; in addition, it includes many articles that had never been translated into English before, and many others that had not been published in any language anywhere. Counting the twelve volumes in this series, the total of Trotsky's published work from the eleven and a half years of his last exile runs between 9,500 and 10,000 printed pages-the equivalent of around twenty-eight average-sized volumes.
The "Uprising" of November 7, 1927 (January 2, 1932)
A Letter to the Politburo (January 4, 1932)
The Left Opposition and the Right Opposition (Published January 1932)
Internal Polemics and the Party Press (January 5, 1932)
Reply to the Jewish Group in the Communist League of France (January 15, 1932)
No Deal with German Government (January 23, 1932)
Is Stalin Weakening or the Soviets? (January 1932)
For Collaboration Despite Differences (February 10, 1932)
Answers to Questions by the New York Times (February 15, 1932)
From a Letter to Simon and Schuster (February 26, 1932)
Interview by the Associated Press (February 26, 1932)
Interview by the United Press (February 29, 1932)
On Being Deprived of Soviet Citizenship (March 1, 1932)
A Correction on Rakovsky (March 15, 1932)
A Word of Welcome to Osvobozhdenie (March 29, 1932)
I See War with Germany (Published April 1932)
The Left Social Democrats (April 12, 1932)
On a Political Novel (April 13, 1932)
Answers to Questions by the Chicago Daily News (April 23, 1932)
"The Foundations of Socialism" (May 1932)
A Reply to May Day Greetings (May 4, 1932)
"Blocs" and Absurdities (May 6, 1932)
The Labor Party Question in the United States (May 19, 1932)
International and National Questions (May 19, 1932)
Who Should Attend the International Conference? (May 22, 1932)
To the Communist League of Struggle (May 22, 1932)
To a Bulgarian Worker in the U. S. (May 24, 1932)
Closer to the Proletarians of the "Colored" Races! (June 13, 1932)
The Coming Congress Against War (June 13, 1932)
Why I Signed Radek's Theses on Germany (June 14, 1932)
The Stalin Bureaucracy in Straits (June 16, 1932)
A Letter to the Workers of Zurich (June 25, 1932)
Hands Off Rosa Luxemburg! (June 28, 1932)
An Appeal for the Biulleten (July 1932)
On Demyan Bedny (July 1932)
Declaration to the Antiwar Congress at Amsterdam (July 25, 1932)
Pilsudskism, Fascism, and the Character of Our Epoch (August 4, 1932)
Intensify the Offensive! (August 6, 1932)
Three Letters to Lazar Kling (February 9-August 7, 1932)
Perspectives of the Upturn (August 18, 1932)
A Conversation with Trotsky (August 25, 1932)
Greetings to the Polish Left Opposition (August 31, 1932)
Fourteen Questions on Soviet Life and Morality (September 17, 1932)
Peasant War in China and the Proletariat (September 22, 1932)
"Do Not Ask So Long" (September 22, 1932)
From the Archives (September 1932)
A Proposal to an American Editor (Published October 1932)
For a Strategy of Action, Not Speculation (October 3, 1932)
Preface to the Polish Edition of Lenin's Left-Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder (October 6, 1932)
Zigzags and Eclectic Nonsense (October 7, 1932)
Fifteen Years! (October 13, 1932)
The Twelfth Plenum of the Comintern (October 13, 1932)
A Letter to Weisbord (October 13, 1932)
Mill as a Stalinist Agent (October 1932)
The Lesson of Mill's Treachery (October 13, 1932)
The Expulsion of Zinoviev and Kamenev (October 19, 1932)
On Field and Weisbord (October 20, 1932)
The Soviet Economy in Danger (October 22, 1932)
Leninism and Stalinism (October 1932)
Greetings to The Militant (November 1, 1932)
Perspectives of American Marxism (November 4, 1932)
To Friends in Frankfurt (November 5, 1932)
Field's Future Role (November 13, 1932)
Stalin Again Testifies Against Stalin (Autumn 1932)
A Suppressed Speech of Lenin (Autumn 1932)
To Greek Friends En Route to Copenhagen (November 19, 1932)
Press Statement at Marseilles (November 21, 1932)
Press Statement on Leaving Dunkirk (November 22, 1932)
Press Statement on Reaching Esbjerg (November 23, 1932)
An Interview by Social-Demokraten (November 23, 1932)
An Interview by Politiken (November 23, 1932)
Radio Message to the United States (November 27, 1932)
Questions for Communists (November 1932)
To an Unknown Comrade (November 1932)
Literary Projects and Political Considerations (November 1932)
On Students and Intellectuals (November 1932)
A Bolshevik-Leninist Declaration on Comrade Trotsky's Journey (November 1932)
Answers to Journalists' Questions (December 3, 1932)
An Open Letter to Vandervelde (December 5, 1932)
A Telegram to Herriot (December 7, 1932)
Press Statement at Brindisi (December 8, 1932)
Press Statement at Istanbul (December 11, 1932)
Interview on "Proletarian Literature" by Maurice Parijanine (April 1932)
Other Writings of 1932
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