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Leon Trotsky. Writings. 1930

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Leon Trotsky. Writings. 1930
New York: Pathfinder Press, 1975. — 444 p. — ISBN 0-87348-4 1 3-4; ISB N 0-87348-412-6
The life and work of Leon Trotsky may be conveniently divided into three parts: from his birth in 1879 to the Russian Revolution in 1917, when he became a leader of the new Soviet government; from 1917 to 1929, when he was exiled to Turkey; his third and last period of exile, from 1929 to his assassination in Mexico in 1940. It is generally agreed that his writings in this exile period were the most mature expression of his ideas and philosophy. With the publication of the twelve-volume Writings of Leon Trotsky (1929-40) it can be said that everything written by Trotsky in this period and published in any language during his lifetime or since is now available to the English-reading public. The Writings series has brought together many pamphlets, articles, and letters previously translated into English but difficult to locate because they appeared in periodicals unknown to the general reader or in internal bulletins restricted to the membership of various small political organizations; in addition, it includes many articles that had never been translated into English before, and many others that had not been published in any language anywhere. Counting the twelve volumes in this series, the total of Trotsky's published work from the eleven and a half years of his last exile runs between 9,500 and 10,000 printed pages-the equivalent of around twenty-eight average-sized volumes.
The Three Factions in the Comintern (1930)
Some Results of the Sino-Soviet Conflict (January 3, 1930)
Jakob Blumkin Shot by the Stalinists (January 4, 1930)
The "Third Period" of the Comintern's Errors (January 8, 1930)
A Necessary Supplement (January 9, 1930)
"To Patiently Explain" (January 10, 1930)
From the Editorial Board (January 20, 1930)
A New Step Forward (January 21, 1930)
Lessons of the Capitulations (Published February 1930)
An Open Letter to All Members of the Leninbund (February 6, 1930)
Reply to a Friend's Letter (February 7, 1930)
Unifying the Left Opposition (February 8, 1930)
Stalin Has Formed an Alliance with Schumann and Kerensky Against Lenin and Trotsky (February 9, 1930)
The New Course in the Soviet Economy (February 13, 1930)
Yes or No? (March 1, 1930)
The Five-Year Plan and World Unemployment (March 14, 1930)
Answers to Questions from the USSR (March 1930)
Open Letter to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (March 23, 1930)
"As Pure and Transparent as Crystal" (March 1930)
Three Editorials (April 1930)
They Didn't Know (April 1930)
The Slogan of a National Assembly in China (April 2, 1930)
A Squeak in the Apparatus (April 13, 1930)
A Letter to a Lovestoneite (April 16, 1930)
A Big Step Forward (April 1930)
An Open Letter to the Prometeo Group (April 22, 1930)
Toward Capitalism or Socialism? (April 25, 1930)
Six Letters to Olberg (January 30 to April 27, 1930)
Answer to Graef on Collectivization (Published May 1930)
Forgetful Myasnikov (Published May 1930)
Problems of the Italian Revolution (May 14, 1930)
With Marxist Spectacles (May 16, 1930)
A Progress Report to the USSR (May 23, 1930)
What Is Centrism? (May 28, 1930)
The Revolution in India. Its Tasks and Dangers (May 30, 1930)
Toward the Sixteenth Congress of the CPSU (May 31, 1930)
Reply to Comrade K. (June 1930)
Notes of a Journalist (Published June 1930)
The Valuable Work of F. Dingelstedt (June 1930)
The New Masses as "Defender" of the October Revolution (June 10, 1930)
The Sources of Manuilsky and Company (June 1930)
To the Editorial Board of Prometeo (June 19, 1930)
Circular Letter Number One (June 21, 1930)
An Intolerable Situation (June 21, 1930)
Capriciousness in the Editing of Our Press (June 21, 1930)
No Limits on Any Party Member (June 26, 1930)
Circular Letter Number Two (June 29, 1930)
How the ILO Is Doing (1930)
Stalin and His Agabekov (July 1930)
Stalin as a Theoretician (July 15, 1930)
Preliminary Comments on the Sixteenth Congress (July 25, 1930)
Who Will Prevail? (Published August 1930)
Notes of a Journalist (Published August 1930)
A Letter to Hungarian Comrades (August 1, 1930)
Proposal for an Open Letter (August 6, 1930)
World Unemployment and the Soviet Five-Year Plan (August 21, 1930)
Two Letters to China (August 22 and September 1, 1930)
Greetings to La Verite (August 25, 1930)
Notes of a Journalist (Published September 1930)
Another Letter to Hungarian Comrades (September 17, 1930)
The Internal Situation of the French League (September 25, 1930)
Physical Attack, Slander, and Provocation (October 1930)
On Convoking a European Conference (October 1930)
Other Writings of 1930
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