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Hartnoll S.A., Lucas A., Sachdev S. Holographic Quantum Matter

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Hartnoll S.A., Lucas A., Sachdev S. Holographic Quantum Matter
MIT Press, 2018. — 178 p. — ISBN 0262038439.
This review of theories of states of quantum matter without quasiparticle excitations. Solvable examples of such states are provided through a holographic duality with gravitational theories in an emergent spatial dimension. We review the duality between gravitational backgrounds and the various states of quantum matter which live on the boundary. We then describe quantum matter at a fixed commensurate density (often described by conformal field theories), and also compressible quantum matter with variable density, providing an extensive discussion of transport in both cases. We present a unified discussion of the holographic theory of transport with memory matrix and hydrodynamic methods, allowing a direct connection to experimentally realized quantum matter. We also explore other important challenges in non-quasiparticle physics, including symmetry broken phases such as superconductors and non-equilibrium dynamics.
A comprehensive overview of holographic methods in quantum matter, written by pioneers in the field.
This review written by pioneers in the field, offers a comprehensive overview of holographic methods in quantum matter. It covers influential developments in theoretical physics, making the key concepts accessible to researchers and students in both high energy and condensed matter physics. The book provides a unique combination of theoretical and historical context, technical results, extensive references to the literature, and exercises. It will give readers the ability to understand the important problems in the field, both those that have been solved and those that remain unsolved, and will enable them to engage directly with the current literature.
The holographic correspondence
Zero density matter
Quantum critical transport
Compressible quantum matter
Metallic transport without quasiparticles
Symmetry broken phases
Further topics
Connections to experiments
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