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Rochester Myrna Bell: Easy French Step-By-Step: Master High-Frequency Grammar for French Proficiency - Fast!

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Rochester Myrna Bell: Easy French Step-By-Step: Master High-Frequency Grammar for French Proficiency - Fast!
McGraw-Hill, 2009. — xviii, 380 pp. — ISBN: 978-0-07-164221-7.
Учебник французского языка для начинающих охватывающий говорение, чтение и письмо. Язык-посредник — английский. Рекомендуется изучать язык с его помощью в той последовательности, как он написан. Каждая глава включает в себя грамматические объяснения, многочисленные упражнения с полным ключом, пополнение словарного запаса и краткие тексты для чтения.
Easy French Step-by-Step will help you learn the basics of French—for speaking, reading, and writing—as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Prepared for beginners and advanced beginners, this book teaches French grammar and natural, everyday speech in logical order to enable you to develop and build on your language skills.
To take full advantage of the grammatical progression of this book, you’ll need to learn each chapter or step—and the sequence within each chapter—one after another. We advise you not to skip around. Each step you take will lead you to the next. Chapters consist of clear grammar explanations, numerous reinforcement activities (with a complete Answer Key), vocabulary study, and short practice readings in French. Try to learn every concept before you undertake the next one.
First Elements of French
Nouns, Articles, and Descriptive Adjectives
The Verbs être and avoir, Subject Pronouns, and Negation
Days and Months, Regular -er Verbs in the Present Tense, and Interrogatives
Numbers, Dates, and Time and Regular -ir Verbs in the Present Tense
Regular -re Verbs in the Present Tense and -er Verbs with Spelling Changes
Expressing the Future with aller, Prepositions, and the Verb faire
Irregular Verbs I and Verb Verb Constructions
Irregular Verbs II and Relative Pronouns
Prendre and boire, the Partitive Article, and Object Pronouns
Possessives, Demonstratives, Comparatives, and Adverbs
Affirmative and Negative Expressions, Forming the Imperative, and Using Pronominal Verbs
Affirmatives Versus Negatives, Stressed Pronouns, and the Imperative
Reflexive Pronouns with Pronominal Verbs and the Present Participle
The Past and Future Tenses, the Conditional, and the Subjunctive Mood
Forms and Uses of the passé compose
The imparfait, Past Narration, and More About Object Pronouns
The Future Tense, the Conditional, and Indefinite Adjectives and Pronouns
The Subjunctive
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