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Taylor Susannah. Opening Up Your Third Eye

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Taylor Susannah. Opening Up Your Third Eye
2015. — 51 p. — ASIN B00VTVKQIU.
Have you ever wanted to experience the spiritual world?
Have you ever wondered if you could open your third eye?
Have you ever wanted to hone your psychic abilities or develop them at all?
Then you need a third eye awakening, which this book can help to make easy.
It all starts with the detoxification of your pineal gland, helping to remove the calcification that has built up around the gland so that you can experience the spiritual world. This book will help you to understand the role that the pineal gland plays in your third eye awakening while giving your techniques to help detoxify it as well as awaken your third eye easily and safely.
With tips and tricks, you’ll find hat opening up your third eye has never been easier. You’ll even learn what symptoms and psychic abilities to expect when experiencing a third eye awakening. Opening your third eye can be dangerous, but this book will help you to pace yourself, understand the process, know what to expect, and you’ll even learn how to close your third eye in case of emergency or even if you just need a small break from the symptoms that it can cause being open.
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