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Hume David. The history of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to The Revolution in 1688 in six volumes. Vol. IV

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Hume David. The history of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to The Revolution in 1688 in six volumes. Vol. IV
Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1983. — 422 p. — ISBN 0-86597-019-X (series); 0-8597-030-0 (Volume IV)
The History of England (1754–61) is David Hume's great work on the history of England, which he wrote in installments while he was librarian to the Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh.[1] It was published in six volumes in 1754, 1756, 1759, and 1761. The first publication of his History was greeted with outrage by all political factions, but it became a best-seller, finally giving him the financial independence he had long sought. Both the British Library and the Cambridge University Library, as well as Hume's own library, still list him as "David Hume, the historian." Hume's History spanned "from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution of 1688" and went through over 100 editions. Many considered it the standard history of England in its day.
Queen's popularity
Re-establishment of the protestant rehgion
A parliament
Peace with France
Dissgust between the queen and Mary, queen of Scots
Scots affairs
Reformation in Scotland
Civil wars in Scotland
Interposal of the queen in Scots affairs
Settlement of Scotland
French affairs
Arrival of Mary in Scotland
Bigotry of the Scotch Reformers
Wise government of Elizabeth
State of Europe
Civil wars of France
Havre de Grace put in possession of the Enghsh
A parliament
Havre lost
Scots affairs
The queen of Scots marries the earl of Darnley
Confederacy against the protestants
Murder of Rizzio
A parliament
Murder of Darnley
Queen of Scots marries Bothwel
Insurrections in Scotland
Imprisonment of Marv
Mary flies into England
Conferences at York and Hampton Court
Character of the puritans
Duke of Norfolk's conspiracy
Insurrection in the north
Assassination of the earl of Murray
A parliament
Civil wars of France
Affairs of the Low Countries
New conspiracy of the duke of Norfolk
Trial of Norfolk
His execution
Scots affairs
French affairs
Massacre of Paris
French affatrs
Civil wars of the Low Countries
A parliament
Scots affairs
Spanish affairs
Sir Francis Drake
A parliament
Negociations of marriage with the duke of Anjou
Scots affairs
Letter of queen Mary to Ehiabeth
Conspiracies in England
A parliament
The ecclesiastical commission
Affairs of the Low Countries
Hostilities with Spain
Zeal of the cathohcs
Babington's conspiracy
Mary assents to the conspiracy
The conspirators seized and executed
Resolution to try the queen of Scots
The commissioners prevail on her to submit to the trial
The trial
Sentence against Mary
Interposition of king James
Reasons for the execution of Mary
The execution
Mary’s character
The queen's affected sorrow
Drake destroys the Spanish fleet at Cadiz
Philip projects the invasion of England
The invincible Armada
Preparations in England
The Armada arrives in the channel
A parliament
Expedition against Portugal
Scots affairs
French affairs
Murder of the duke of Guise
Murder of Henry the third
Progress of Henry the fourth
Naval enterpriies against Spain
A Parliament
Henry the fourth embraces the catholic rteligion
Scots affairs
Naval enterprises
A parliament
Peace of Vervins
The earl of Essex
State of Ireland
Tyrone's rebellion
Essex sent over to Ireland
His ill success
Returns to England
Is disgraced
His intrigues
His insurrection
His trial and execution
French affairs
Mountjoy's success in Ireland
Defeat of the Spaniards and Irish
A parliament
Tyrone's submisslon
Queen's sickness
And death
And character
Government of England
Military force
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