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Hume David. The history of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to The Revolution in 1688 in six volumes. Vol. III

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Hume David. The history of England from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to The Revolution in 1688 in six volumes. Vol. III
Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1983. — 492 p. — ISBN 0-86597-019-X (series); 0-8597-028-9 (Volume III)
The History of England (1754–61) is David Hume's great work on the history of England, which he wrote in installments while he was librarian to the Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh.[1] It was published in six volumes in 1754, 1756, 1759, and 1761. The first publication of his History was greeted with outrage by all political factions, but it became a best-seller, finally giving him the financial independence he had long sought. Both the British Library and the Cambridge University Library, as well as Hume's own library, still list him as "David Hume, the historian." Hume's History spanned "from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution of 1688" and went through over 100 editions. Many considered it the standard history of England in its day.
Henry VII
Accession of Henry VII
His title to the crown
King's prejudice against the house of York
His joyful reception in London
His coronation
Sweating sickness
A parliament
Entail of the crown
King's marriage
An resurrection
Discontents of the people
Lambert Simnel
Revolt of Ireland
Intrigues of the dutchess of Burgundy
Lambert Simnel invades England
Battle of Stoke
State of foreign affairs
State of Scotland
State of Spain
State of the Low Countries
State of France
State of Britanny
French invasion of Britanny
French embassy to England
Dissimulation of the French court
An resurrection in the North suppressed
King sends forces into Britanny
Annexation of Britanny to France
A parliament
War with France
Invaston of France
Peace with France
Perkin Warbec
His imposture
He is avowed by the dutchess of Burgundy and by many of the Enghsh nobility
Trial and execution of Stanley
A parliament
Perkin retires to Scotland
Insurrection in the west
Battle of Blackheath
Truce with Scotland
Perkin taken prisoner
Perkin executed
The earl of Warwic executed
Marriage of prince Arthur with Catharine of Arragon
His death
Marriage of the princess Margaret with the king of Scotland
Oppressions of the people
A parliament
Arrival of the king of Castile
Intrigues of the earl of Suffolk
Sickness of the king
His death and character
His laws
Henry VIII
Popularity of the new king
His ministers
unishment of Empson and Dudley
King's marriage
Foreign affairs
Juhus the second
League of Cambray
War with France
Expedition to Fontarabia
Deceit of Ferdinand
Return of the English
Leo the Tenth
A parliament
War with Scotland
Wolsey minister
His character
Invasion of France
Battle of Guinegate
Battle of Flouden
Peace with France
Wolsey's admtnistratwn
Scotch affairs
Progress of Francis I
Jealousy of Henry
Tournay delivered to France
Wolsey appointed legate
His manner of exercising that office
Death of the emperor Maxtmilian
Charles, king of Spain, chosen emperor
Interview between Henry and Francis near Calais
The emperor Charles arrives in England
Mediation of Henry
Trial and condemnation of the duke of Buckingham
Digression concerning the ecclesiastical state
Origin of the reformation
Martin Luther
Henry receives the title of defender of the faith
Causes of the progress of the reformation
War with France
Invasion of France
War with Scotland
A parliament
Invasion of France
Italian wars
The king of France invades Italy
Battle of Pavia and Captivity of Francis
Francis recovers his liberty
Sack of Rome
League with France
Scruples concerning the king's marriage
The king enters into these scruples
Anne Boleyn
Henry applies to the pope for a divorce
The pope favourable
The emperor threatens him
The pope's ambiguous conduct
The cause evoked to Rome
Wolsey's fall
Commencement of the reformation in England
Foreign affairs
Wolsey 's death
A parliament
Progress of the reformation
A parliament
King's final breach with Rome
A parliament
Religious principles of the people
Religious principles of the king
Religious principles of the ministers
Farther progress of the reformation
Sir Thomas More
The maid of Kent
Trial and execution of Fisher, bishop of Rochester
Trial and execution of Sir Thomas More
King excommunicated
Death of Queen Catherine
Suppression of the lesser monasteries
A parliament
A convocation
Translation of the Bible
Disgrace of Queen Anne
Her trial and executton
A parliament
A convocation
Discontents among the people
Birth of prince Edward and death of Queen Jane
Suppression of the greater monasteries
Cardinal Pole
Disputation with Lambert
A parliament
Law of the six arttcles
Proclamations made equal to laws
Settlement of the succession
King's projects of marriage
He marries Anne of Cleves
He dislikes her
A parliament
Fall of Cromwel
His execution
King's divorce from Anne of Cleves
His marriage with Catherine Howard
State of affairs in Scotland
Discovery of the Queen's dissolute life
A parliament
Ecclesiastical affairs
War unth Scotland
Victory at Solway
Death of James V
Treaty with Scotland
New rupture
Rupture with France
A parliament
Affairs of Scotland
A parliament
Campaign in France
A parliament
Peace with France and Scotland
Execution of the earl of Surrey
Attainder of the duke of Norfolk
Death of the king
His character
Miscellaneous transactions
Edward VI
State of the regency
Innovations in the regency
Hertford protector
Reformation completed
Gardiner's opposition
Foreign affairs
Progress of the reformation in Scotland
Assassination of cardinal Beaton
Conduct of the war with Scotland
Battle of Pinkey
A parliament
Farther progress of the reformation
Affairs of Scotland
Young queen of Scots sent into France
Cabals of lord Seymour
Dudley earl of Warwic
A parliament
Attainder of lord Seymour
His execution
Ecclesiastical affairs
Discontents of the people
Conduct of the war with Scotland
Conduct of the war with France
Factions in the council
Conspiracy against Somerset
Somerset resigns the protectorship
A parliament
Peace with France and Scotland
Boulogne surrendered
Persecution of Gardiner
Warwic created duke of Northumberland
His ambition
Trial of Somerset
His execution
A parliament
A new parliament
Succession changed
The king's sickness and death
Lady Jane Gray proclaimed queen
Deserted by the people
The queen proclaimed and acknowledged
Northumberland executed
Catholic religion restored
A parliament
Deliberations with regard to the queen's marriage
Queen's marriage with Philip
Wyat's insurrection
Execution of Lady Jane Gray
A parliament
Philip 's arrival in England
Reasons for and against Toleration
A parliament
The queen's extortions
The emperor resigns his crown
Execution of Cranmer
War with France
Battle of St. Quintin
Calais taken by the French
Affairs of Scotland
Marriage of the Dauphin and the queen of Scots
A parliament
Death of the queen
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