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Shores T.S. Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis

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Shores T.S. Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis
2nd ed. — Springer, 2018. — 487 p. — ISBN 9783319747484.
Times change. So do learning needs, learning styles, students, teachers, authors, and textbooks. The need for a solid understanding of linear algebra and matrix analysis is changing as well. Arguably, as we move deeper into an age of intellectual technology, this need is actually greater. Witness, for example, Google’s PageRank technology, an application that has a place in nearly every chapter of this text. In the first edition of this text (henceforth referenced as ALAMA), I suggested that for many students “linear algebra will be as fundamental in their professional work as the tools of calculus.” I believe now that this applies to most students of technology. Hence, this revision.
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