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Gilad I., Navon L.R. Operational Excellence: A Concise Guide to Basic Concepts and Their Application

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Gilad I., Navon L.R. Operational Excellence: A Concise Guide to Basic Concepts and Their Application
Springer, 2016. — 188 p. — (Management for Professionals). — ISBN 9783319206981, 9783319206998.
As industrial companies are placing a higher focus on operations, this book comes at the right time with a compilation of basic concepts of Operational Excellence and their application.
Operational excellence allows companies to recover from reductions in gross margins and low profitability, which largely occur due to a rise in agile competition and the short life span of new technologies. This book helps managers and consulting academicians as a ready reference for cross-industry implementation of operational excellence.
Assurance of Supply (AOS)
Cost of Goods (COGs)
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Drum, Buffer, Rope and Days of Inventory (DOI) Control
emails (The LEAN Version)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
Gross Margin (GM)
Hiring Practices for Operations
Human Resources (HR)
Innovation in the Operations
Interfaces and Their Improvement in Operations
Just in Time (JIT)
Key Performances Indicators (KPI)
LEAN Operations
Leadership in the Operations
Meetings and LEAN Decision Making
Manufacturing Overhead (MOH) and Departmental Expense Control
Manufacturing Excellence in Daily life
New Product Introduction (NPI)
One on One Meeting
Personal Development
People Motivation, Productivity and Satisfaction
Return on Investment (ROI) Calculations and CAPEX Decisions
Supply Chain and Win–Win Relationship with the Suppliers
Services and Customer Assurance
Team Work and its Development
Theory of Constraint (TOC)
Variability: Managing the Variability in Operations
Voice of the Employee
Yield, Improvement and Sustaining High Yield
Where, When and How We Can Apply the Operational Excellence Concise Guide Methods?
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