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Anderson Becca. Think Happy to Stay Happy: The Awesome Power of Learned Optimism

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Anderson Becca. Think Happy to Stay Happy: The Awesome Power of Learned Optimism
Mango, 2018. — 165 p. — ISBN 10 1633537315, ISBN 13 978-1633537316.
This book is your guide. The 50 chapters of Think Happy to Stay Happy are filled with positivity ideas and inspiration to help you learn how to be happy.
Stay happy: Joy unites all people and words are often how we best express our joy. Think Happy to Stay Happy is the perfect collection of power thoughts and insightful quotes and affirmations that express some of the best ways to "stay happy."
Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life
Author Note:
The Art of Self-Affirmation:
How to Use This Book
Be a “Day Lifter!”
Random Acts of Love
Be a Good in the World
Make Contact
In Your Own Backyard
Spread Joy at the Office
Scatter Happiness All Around
Give Gladness to Others
What the World Needs Now
Learn the Language of Kindness
The Little Things Count
Free Hugs for All!
Don’t Forget the Senseless Acts of Beauty!
No Strings Attached
Make Amends
Share the Love!
Always Remember, It’s Not All about You
Live with Purpose and Meaning
The Art of Making a Life
What Is Your Personal Mission?
Think “Best-Case Scenario” All the Time
Do You Know How Great You Are?
Your Goals Will Grow You
Yes, You Can
List Your Life
Ask “How Are You?” and Mean It!
Today Is a Great Day: Let Yourself Enjoy It
Accentuate the Positive
Be the Light on Dark Days
Make Time for Gratitude Every Day
Look at Everything in a New Way
Gossip Makes Us All Unhappy
Do What You Say You’re Gonna Do
Offer Unconditional Positive Regard
Practice Simple Acts of Goodness
Life Is Too Short to Not Have Good Coffee
What Are You Here to Do in This Life?
The Virtues of Kindness, Generosity, Patience, and Hope
Just Say Yes
Don’t Just Go Through It, Grow Through It
Rewire Your Brain to Be More Positive
Remember to Be Kind to Yourself, Too
Be of Good Cheer
Be Happy For Others (and Let Them Know It!)
Simply Reframe Your Perceptions
Find Joy in Gratitude
Actions Really Are Louder Than Words
Weed Negativity Out of Your Mind (and Out of Your Life)
Love Notes
Make New Happy Memories
Reach Out
The Happiness Plan
When Was the Last Time You Were a Good Samaritan?
Make a Difference in the World
Say My Name
Self-Care Is a Divine Responsibility
Check In with Your Friends
Seek Out the Shy
Think Globally
Shower the People You Love with Love
Naps Make Us Happy
Share the Positive
Teach What You Know
The Little Things in Life
Make Furry Friends
Be a Kid for a Day
Pass On the Pleasure of Reading
Go Ahead and Make Someone’s Day
Offer Unconditional Positive Regard.
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