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Brown R.A., Davis S.H. (eds.) Free Boundaries in Viscous Flows

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Brown R.A., Davis S.H. (eds.) Free Boundaries in Viscous Flows
Springer, 1994. — 121 p.
It is increasingly the case that models of natural phenomena and materials processing systems involve viscous flows with free surfaces. These free boundaries are interfaces of the fluid with either second immiscible fluids or else deformable solid boundaries. The deformation can be due to mechanical displacement or as is the case here, due to phase transformation; the solid can melt or freeze. This volume highlights a broad range of subjects on interfacial phenomena. There is an overview of the mathematical description of viscous free-surface flows, a description of the current understanding of mathematical issues that arise in these models and a discussion of high-order-accuracy boundary-integral methods for the solution of viscous free surface flows. There is the mathematical analysis of particular flows: long-wave instabilities in viscous-film flows, analysis of long-wave instabilities leading to Marangoni convection, and de§ scriptions of the interaction of convection with morphological stability during directional solidification. This book is geared toward anyone with an interest in free-boundary problems, from mathematical analysts to material scientists; it will be useful to applied mathematicians, physicists, and engineers alike.
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