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Watson B. Writing High-Performance .NET Code (code)

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Ben Watson, 2018. — 526 p. — ISBN 9780990583493.
Learn the secrets of excellent .NET performance with insightful, detailed, and clear explanations. Do you want your .NET code to have the absolute best performance it can? This book demystifies the CLR, teaching you how and why to write code with optimum performance. Learn critical lessons from a person who helped design and build one of the largest high-performance .NET systems in the world.
This book does not just teach you how the CLR works—it teaches you exactly what you need to do now to obtain the best performance today. It will expertly guide you through the nuts and bolts of extreme performance optimization in .NET, complete with in-depth examinations of CLR functionality, free tool recommendations and tutorials, useful anecdotes, and step-by-step guides to measure and improve performance. Through this book, you will achieve the best .NET performance possible.
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