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Maisky Ivan. Who Helped Hitler?

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Maisky Ivan. Who Helped Hitler?
London: Hutchinson & Co Ltd., 1964. — 214 p.
Before 1939
The Soviet Government’s instructions
What I found in England
The struggle for the Trade Agreement
A brief thaw and its causes
Steps to a rapprochement
Churchill and Beaverbrook
It grows colder
Below freezing point
Chamberlain’s sharp practice
On the eve of 1939
The rape of Czechoslovakia and Chamberlain’s manoeuvres
The U.S.S.R. proposes a pact of mutual assistance
Two draft pacts
To name or not to name
Pact and military convention
Preparing for the military negotiations
Military negotiations in Moscow
The Soviet Government’s dilemma
The collapse of the tripartite negotiations and the forced agreement with Germany
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