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Parker Ralph. Moscow Correspondent

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Parker Ralph. Moscow Correspondent
New York: Srt Publications Inc., 1949. — 302 p.
My story, which is that of the Soviet peoples’ struggle for recovery, begins on the day they celebrated their victory over Germany. In the following pages I shall try to describe the Russia I have seen, leaving it to the reader to draw his own conclusions as to whether the moves of the Soviet Government in international affairs are the result or the cause of events at home. He will be disappointed if he expects to find a key to the "Russian enigma," but he may find it easier to understand and, possibly, to sympathize with, the Soviet people by reading of some of the ways in which they are facing problems that, in varying degrees, confront the peoples of all countries in the post-war period. Whether the successes that are attending their efforts to liquidate the material and moral consequences of the war are to be attributed to wise leadership or to the virtues of the people governed, he must answer for himself. Nor have I sought to provide an answer to the question whether the kind of society that is being built here is going to be compatible with that which is emerging in other parts of the world, although the people of the Soviet Union are being educated in the spirit that it is, and those of some other lands that it is not.
The Red Army Comes Home
Rebuilding The Factories
The Battle For The Harvest
Who Thinks What?
Soviet Patriotism
Moscow New And Old
How Moscow Lives Today
Understanding The Russians
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