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Pusch R. Bentonite Clay: Environmental Properties and Applications

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Pusch R. Bentonite Clay: Environmental Properties and Applications
Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, 2015. — 368 p.
Studies the Environmental, Cosmetic, and Pharmaceutical Applications of Bentonite ClayBentonite clay, of which members of the smectite family of clay minerals are particularly important, has proven to be effective in sealing off wastes from groundwater. Bentonite Clay: Environmental Properties and Applications explores the mineralogy of clays in general and of smectites in particular that represent challenging conditions for geotechnical professionals responsible for earth dam construction, the foundations of roads and buildings, and the long-term isolation of chemical and radioactive wastes.
Table of contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Origin and Occurrence of Smectite Clays : Bentonites
Chapter 3: Nature of Smectites
Chapter 4: Clay-Fluid-Gas Systems
Chapter 5: Physical Performance of Smectite Clay Seals : Prediction and Reality
Chapter 6: Chemical Processes Involved in and Longevity of Smectite Buffer
Chapter 7: Processing of Clays and Preparation of Seals
Chapter 8: Environmental Behavior
Chapter 9: Pharmacology and Cosmetics
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