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Lewin Walter. For the Love of Physics

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Lewin Walter. For the Love of Physics
First Free Press, 2011. — 320 p. — ISBN 1439108277.
Universally praised for the remarkably fun, inventive, and often wacky ways in which Walter Lewin brings the joys of physics to life—from super-charging a tricycle with a fire extinguisher to risking his life by putting his head in the path of a swinging wrecking ball—For the Love of Physics takes readers on a marvelous journey, opening our eyes as never before to the amazing beauty and power of all that physics can reveal to us, from the coolest, weirdest features of the tiniest bits of matter, to the wonders of our everyday lives. Lewin provides superbly clear and simple explanations of phenomena we’ve always wondered about, such as why rainbows form and why lightning strikes, as well as those beyond the wildest realms of imagination, such as what the Big Bang sounded like. A wonderful raconteur, Lewin always entertains as he edifies, and For the Love of Physics is a rare gem that will change the way readers see the world.
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