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Auld S.J.M. Gas and flame in modern warfare

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Auld S.J.M. Gas and flame in modern warfare
George H. Doran company, 1918. — 192 p.
Need for the education of vast numbers of men in various branches of Gas Service and those in camps on the position of Gas Warfare at the front, has made imperative the publication of this book, as has also the need of educating the public, owing to the many misleading newspaper reports, sometimes merely misinformative, sometimes distinctly mischievous, appearing from time to time.
Some months after the first gas attack, he was taken into the Gas Service, owing to his training and ability as a chemist, and later became Chief Gas Officer to Sir Julian Byng's Army. He was awarded the Military Cross after the Battle of the Somme, and was wounded in an expedition into No Man's Land to observe the effect of a British Gas attack. He has therefore been in touch with gas warfare from the beginning and knows all phases.
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