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Farrow E.S. Gas warfare

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Farrow E.S. Gas warfare
E.P. Dutton and Company, 1920. — 265 p.
War gas investigations, bureau of mines activities, gas masks and rescue apparatus, research work, lethal and neutralizing substances, toxicity tests and divisions of chemical warfare servise
Toxic gases, early employment in warfare, development in the war of 1914-1918, the edgewood arsenal, chlorine plants, chlorpicrin plants, phosgene plants, mustard gas plants, filling and spray painting plants, chemical warfare production data
Gas defense equipment, the problem of gas masks, box respirator equipment, canister ingredients, carbon (charcoal) for american canisters, horse mask development, production data of gas defense
Tactical employment of gases, importance of gas as a weapon in military operations, lachrymators oк tear producers, density of gases and time of exposure, gases from shells, artillery gas zones of dispersion, effects of temperature and terrain
Tactical use of artillery chemical shell, smoke screens and smoke shell, handling and storage of gas shell, transport and storage of gas shell, gas shell dumps and batteries
Chemical artillery ammunition, construction of gas shell, types of american shell, smoke shell, incendiary shell and fuses, fillings for gun and howitzer shell
Smoke for military purpuses, phosphorous and tetrachlorides, british "S" and B.M. mixtures, smokes screens, smoke shell, protection of tanks
Chemical weapons for use by infantry, incendiary grenades, thermit hand grenades, tactical use of gas grenades, tactical use of simple grenades, smoke candles, stokes mortar smoke bombs
Persistences of gases, methods of projection, employment of chemical substances in tactics, phosgene, chlorpicrin, mustard gas, brombenzyl-cyanide, special application of the various groups
Use of gas by gas troops, organization of gas regiment, daties of regimental officers, duties of company officers, stokes mortars and bombs, smoke bombs, propellants and fuses, livens material, cloud gas apparatus, general procedure in gas operations
Tactical use of gas, thermit and smike by gas troops, choice of weapons, training of gas troops, liaison, service of security and information, training of special detachments
Use of gas by the air service, tactical use of incendiary and smoke bombs, altitude flying and oxygen apparatus, chanard incendiary bombs, training smoke bombs
Gas zones, gas alarms, gas sentries, action during and after gas attack, division organization of desinfecting service, duties of regimental and battalion gas officers
Respirators, adjustment and practice drills, american tissot respirator, fitting and care of canisters, anti-dimming outfit, respirators for horses
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