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Lopes Teresa Da Silva. Global Brands: The Evolution of Multinationals in Alcoholic Beverages

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Lopes Teresa Da Silva. Global Brands: The Evolution of Multinationals in Alcoholic Beverages
Cambridge University Press, 2007. — 348 p.
Brands help explain why, in a world focused on science and new technology, several of the world’s largest multinational corporations have little to do with either. Rather they are old firms with little critical investment in patents or copyrights.
For these firms, the critical intellectual property is trademarks. Global Brands explains how the world’s largest multinationals in alcoholic beverages achieved global leadership; the predominant corporate governance structures for firms’ marketing-based industries; and why these firms form alliances with direct competitors.
Brands also determine the waves of mergers and acquisitions in the beverage industry. Not only do they have personalities of their own, but brands also have the capacity to have independent and eternal lives. Global Brands contrasts with existing studies by providing a new dimension to the literature on the growth of multinationals through the focus on brands, using an institutional and evolutionary approach based on original and published sources about the industry and the firms.
Teresa da Silva Lopes is a Reader in the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary, University of London. She has previously taught at the University of Oxford and Universidade Catolica Portuguesa. She is the author of numerous publications on international business and business history and other topics in journals such as Business History, Business History Review, and Enterprise and Society. She is currently co-director of the Centre for Globalization Research at Queen Mary, University of London; reviews editor for the journal Business History; council member of the Association of Business Historians; and trustee of the American Business History Conference. Lopes has held visiting research fellowships at the University of California, Berkeley, and Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. Currently she is a Fellow of Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe Network, a Research Fellow at Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, and a Research Associate of the Centre for International Business History and the Centre for Institutional Performance, both at the University of Reading.
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