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Deych L.I. Advanced Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics: Methods and Applications

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Deych L.I. Advanced Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics: Methods and Applications
Springer International Publishing AG, 2018. — 612 p. — ISBN 3319715496.
This introduction to quantum mechanics is intended for undergraduate students of physics, chemistry, and engineering with some previous exposure to quantum ideas. Following in Heisenberg’s and Dirac’s footsteps, this book is centered on the concept of the quantum state as an embodiment of all experimentally available information about a system, and its representation as a vector in an abstract Hilbert space. This conceptual framework and formalism are introduced immediately, and developed throughout the first four chapters, while the standard Schrödinger equation does not appear until Chapter 5.
The book grew out of lecture notes developed by the author over fifteen years of teaching at the undergraduate level. In response to numerous requests by students, material is presented with an unprecedented level of detail in both derivation of technical results and discussion of their physical significance. The book is written for students to enjoy reading it, rather than to use only as a source of formulas and examples. The colloquial and personal writing style makes it easier for readers to connect with the material. Additionally, readers will find short, relatable snippets about the “founding fathers” of quantum theory, their difficult historical circumstances, personal failings and triumphs, and often tragic fate. This textbook, complete with extensive original end-of-chapter exercises, is recommended for use in one- or two-semester courses for upper level undergraduate and beginning graduate students in physics, chemistry, or engineering.
Language and Formalism of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum States
Observables and Operators
Unitary Operators and Quantum Dynamics
Representations of Vectors and Operators
Quantum Models
One-Dimensional Models
Harmonic Oscillator Models
Hydrogen Atom
Spin 1/2
Two-Level System in a Periodic External Field
Non-interacting Many-Particle Systems
Quantum Phenomena and Methods
Resonant Tunneling
Perturbation Theory for Stationary States: Stark Effect and Polarizability of Atoms
Fine Structure of the Hydrogen Spectra and Zeeman Effect
Emission and Absorption of Light
Free Electrons in Uniform Magnetic Field: Landau Levels and Quantum Hall Effect
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