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Ananda Mohan P.V. Residue Number Systems: Theory and Applications

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Ananda Mohan P.V. Residue Number Systems: Theory and Applications
Springer, Basel: Birkhäuser, 2016. — 332 p. — ISBN 331941383X.
This new and expanded monograph improves upon Mohan's earlier book, Residue Number Systems (Springer, 2002) with a state of the art treatment of the subject. Replete with detailed illustrations and helpful examples, this book covers a host of cutting edge topics such as the core function, the quotient function, new Chinese Remainder theorems, and large integer operations. It also features many significant applications to practical communication systems and cryptography such as FIR filters and elliptic curve cryptography.
Starting with a comprehensive introduction to the basics and leading up to current research trends that are not yet widely distributed in other publications, this book will be of interest to both researchers and students alike.
Modulo Addition and Subtraction
Binary to Residue Conversion
Modulo Multiplication and Modulo Squaring
RNS to Binary Conversion
Scaling, Base Extension, Sign Detection and Comparison in RNS
Error Detection, Correction and Fault Tolerance in RNS-Based Designs
Specialized Residue Number Systems
Applications of RNS in Signal Processing
RNS in Cryptography
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