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Greaves D., Iglesias G. (Eds.) Wave and Tidal Energy

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Greaves D., Iglesias G. (Eds.) Wave and Tidal Energy
Wiley, 2018. — 712 p. — ISBN 978-1-119-01447-8.
A comprehensive text covering all aspects of wave and tidal energy
Wave and Tidal Energy provides a comprehensive and self-contained review of the developing marine renewable energy sector, drawing from the latest research and from the experience of device testing. The book has a twofold objective: to provide an overview of wave and tidal energy suitable for newcomers to the field and to serve as a reference text for advanced study and practice.
Including detail on key issues such as resource characterisation, wave and tidal technology, power systems, numerical and physical modelling, environmental impact and policy. The book also includes an up-to-date review of developments worldwide and case studies of selected projects.
Key features:
A comprehensive and self-contained text covering all aspects of the multidisciplinary fields of wave and tidal energy.
Draws upon the latest research in wave and tidal energy and the experience of leading practitioners in numerical and laboratory modelling.
Regional developments worldwide are reviewed and representative projects are presented as case studies.
Wave and Tidal Energy is an invaluable resource to a wide range of readers, from engineering students to technical managers and policymakers to postgraduate students and researchers.
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