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Gilbert J.K., de Jong O., Justi R., Treagust D.F., van Driel J.H. (Eds.) Chemical Education: Towards Research-based Practice

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Gilbert J.K., de Jong O., Justi R., Treagust D.F., van Driel J.H. (Eds.) Chemical Education: Towards Research-based Practice
Kluwer Academic Publishers, USA, 2003. — 448 p. — (Science & Technology Education Library 17). — ISBN 1402011121.
Chemical education is essential to everybody because it deals with ideas that play major roles in personal, social, and economic decisions. This book is based on three principles: that all aspects of chemical education should be associated with research; that the development of opportunities for chemical education should be both a continuous process and be linked to research; and that the professional development of all those associated with chemical education should make extensive and diverse use of that research. It is intended for: pre-service and practising chemistry teachers and lecturers; chemistry teacher educators; chemical education researchers; the designers and managers of formal chemical curricula; informal chemical educators; authors of textbooks and curriculum support materials; practising chemists and chemical technologists. It addresses: the relation between chemistry and chemical education; curricula for chemical education; teaching and learning about chemical compounds and chemical change; the development of teachers; the development of chemical education as a field of enquiry. This is mainly done in respect of the full range of formal education contexts (schools, universities, vocational colleges) but also in respect of informal education contexts (books, science centres and museums).
General Preface
Chemistry and Chemical Education
The Nature of Chemical Knowledge and Chemical Education
The History of Chemistry: Potential and Actual Contributions to Chemical Education
Models and Modelling in Chemical Education
Learning Chemistry in a Laboratory Environment
The Curriculum for Chemical Education
Chemistry Curricula for General Education: Analysis and Elements of a Design
The Roles of Chemistry in Vocational Education
Informal Chemical Education
Context-based Approaches to the Teaching of Chemistry: What are they and What are their Effects?
Teaching and Learning about Chemical Compounds
The Particulate Nature of Matter: Challenges in Understanding the Submicroscopic World
Problem-Solving in Chemistry
Teaching and Learning about Chemical Change
The Teaching and Learning of Chemical Equilibrium
Teaching and Learning Chemical Kinetics
The Teaching and Learning of Electrochemistry
From Chemical Energetics to Chemical Thermodynamics
Developing Teachers and Chemical Education
Exploring Chemistry Teachers' Knowledge Base
Research and Development for the Future of Chemical Education
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