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Winter Paul. On the Trial of Jesus

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Winter Paul. On the Trial of Jesus
Second edition revised and edited by T. A. Burkill and Géza Vermes. — Walter de Gruyter, 1974. — xxiv + 225 p. — (Studia Judaica 1).
Jewish-Roman Relations
The High-Priest’s Insignia of Office
The Meeting-Place of the Sanhedrin and Mark’s Nocturnal Session
»The High-Priest of That Year«
The Circumstances and Grounds of Jesus’ Arrest
Pilate in History and in Christian Tradition
The Penalty of Crucifixion
The Jewish Death Penalties
»It is not within our authority to execute anyone«
Privilegium Paschale and Barabbas
The Mockery
The Inscription on the Cross
Jesus and his Compatriots
Behind the Preaching
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