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Peres Tanya M. (ed.). Trends and Traditions in Southeastern Zooarchaeology

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Peres Tanya M. (ed.). Trends and Traditions in Southeastern Zooarchaeology
University Press of Florida, 2014. — 242 p.
While most works of southeastern archaeology focus on stone artifacts or ceramics, Trends and Traditions in Southeastern Zooarchaeology calls attention to the diversity of information that faunal remains can reveal about rituals, ideologies, socio-economic organization, trade, and past environments.
These essays, by leading practitioners in this developing field, highlight the differences between the archaeological focus on animals as the food source of their time and the belief among zooarchaeologists that animals represent a far more complex ecology. With broad methodological and interpretive analysis of sites throughout the region, the essays range in topic from the enduring symbolism of shells for more than 5,000 years to the domesticated dog cemeteries of Spirit Hill in Jackson County, Alabama, and to the subsistence strategies of Confederate soldiers at the Florence Stockade in South Carolina.
Ultimately challenging traditional concepts of the roles animals have played in the social and economic development of southeastern cultures, this book is a groundbreaking and seminal archaeological study.
Tanya M. Peres, associate professor of anthropology at Middle Tennessee State University, is the coeditor of Integrating Zooarchaeology and Paleoethnobotany.
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