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Tavernier S., Gektin A., Grinyov B., Moses W.W. (Editors). Radiation detectors for Medical Applications

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Tavernier S., Gektin A., Grinyov B., Moses W.W. (Editors). Radiation detectors for Medical Applications
Труды конференции (Alushta, Crimea 19-23 September 2005). — Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer, 2006. — 315 p. — ISBN 978-1-4020-5092-3.
The topic of this book is the use of scintillating materials in the detection of ionising radiation for medical imaging. The text surveys the state of the art in radiation detectors for medical imaging, followed by an in-depth review of all aspects of the use of scintillating materials. Also included are detailed discussion of ways to improve the performance of existing scintillating materials and completely novel uses of scintillating materials.
A look at medical imaging trends through the eyes of a medical doctor (S.S. Makeyev).
New trends in x-ray CT imaging (R. Deych and E. Dolazza).
The evolution of spect - from anger to today and beyond (W.W. Moses, V. Gayshan and A. Gektin).
New trends in pet detector developments (P. Lecoq).
Semiconductor detectors in radiation medicine: radiotherapy and related applications (A.B. Rosenfeld).
First results with the clear pet small animal pet scanners (E. Auffray et al. [+43 co-authors]).
Investigation of crystal identification methods for clear pet phoswich detector (D. Wisniewski et al .[+8 co-authors]).
Directions in scintillation materials research (P. Dorenbos).
Scintillation detectors for medical and biology applications: materials, design and light collection conditions (M. Globus and B. Grinyov).
Current and future use of lso:ce scintillators in pet (C.L. Melcher et al. [+6 co-authors]).
Inorganic scintillators in positron emission tomography (C.W.E. van Eijk).
Crystal fibers and thin films for imaging applications (Ch. Pedrini and C. Dujardin).
Non-proportionality and energy resolution of scintillation detectors (M. Moszyński).
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