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Granger C.W.J. Forecasting in Business and Economics

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Granger C.W.J. Forecasting in Business and Economics
New York: Academic Press, 1980. — 225 p.
This thoroughly revised second edition of an upper-level undergraduate/graduate text describes many major techniques of forecasting used in economics and business. This is the only time series book to concentrate on the forecasting of economic data and to cover such a broad range of topics. The key features are: explains how to specify and evaluate simple models from the time series and econometric approaches; places special emphasis on the information that is derived from the evaluation and combinations of forecasts; discusses the topics of technological and population forecasting; includes an expanded chapter on regression techniques; presents a practical forecasting project which runs throughout the text; includes an appendix on basic statistical concepts
Front Matter
Basic Concepts of Forecasting
Trend-Line Fitting and Forecasting
Forecasting from Time Series Models
Further Aspects of Time Series Forecasting
Regression Methods and Econometric Models
Survey Data : Anticipations and Expectations
Leading Indicators
Evaluation and Combination of Forecasts
Population Forecasting
Technological Forecasting
World Models
Techniques Old and New
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